How to optimize your ads inside walled gardens

11/30 By Rossmary Gil

Breaking down walls means better optimization

The buyer journey has gone mobile, and marketers have taken notice. Self-educating consumers are using their mobile devices to engage with brands on social platforms and provide real-time feedback. Actively collaborating on these platforms, both marketer and consumer alike, boosts a brand’s presence and cements its identity.

Protecting the brand’s image is a marketer’s first responsibility, but not their last. Activating a brand in the right place, time, and context is equally essential, and in a digital campaign that’s only possible with a transparent understanding of media quality. Verification is an essential tool for success. But in this era of walled garden Goliaths, it’s common for brands to struggle with whether their ads viewable and their impressions fraud-free.

Unbiased third-party verification of media quality can mean the difference between a runaway success and a costly flop. Verifying that impressions are fraud-free, viewable, and within the right context should be foundational to every marketer’s brand strategy. Using that data to optimize toward higher viewability will generate a measurable impact on business outcomes.

Three steps to optimizing towards higher viewability

1. Monitor

On a weekly basis, monitor third-party measurement reporting on campaign viewability rates and use this data to inform targeting criteria for top-performing creative executions within each set.

2. Leverage

Use your third-party measurement partner to provide optimization recommendations.

3.  Optimize

Shift impression delivery volume to creative executions that drive higher viewability numbers.

To learn about our verification of mobile social platforms, visit our social capabilities page.