Mobile Webinar Q&A: Using data to protect your brand

02/26 By IAS Team

Every day more users are shifting their eyes to mobile and it’s clear that ad dollars have to follow them. But how can brands be sure that they’re making the most of the ad spend inside fast-changing mobile environments? We know you need to engage consumers wherever they are, so we teamed up with MoPub for a webinar to help you understand the quality of mobile inventory, and learn new tactics to invest and measure your brand dollars. We’re happy to share the latest tips and tricks for identifying the highest quality mobile inventory while keeping your brand safe. These are some of our favorite questions from the Q&A session that followed:

Can you use in-app pre-bid viewability targeting on the MoPub deal id?

Yes! You can use pre-bid viewability segment targeting as long as it’s supported by your DSP. IAS also has brand safety and fraud pre-bid segments available for buyers who want to avoid fraudulent and unsafe mobile inventory.

If I turn on the prebid in-app brand safety segment that targets away from violence will it block all gaming inventory?

Nope! If you enable the brand safety pre-bid segment for in-app inventory it will only block violent games, so you’ll still have the Candy Crushes and Temple Runs of the world. These segments are also flexible so you can choose between high and moderate risk depending on what makes the most sense for your brand.

When did MoPub start supporting viewability and why did MoPub decide to move forward with SDK viewability support?

We released a viewability supported SDK in the summer of 2017. The decision was rooted in promoting transparency across the industry, and providing buyers with the confidence they need to transact on in-app inventory. The SDK makes it seamless for buyers who want to measure viewability in-app, and turn-key for publishers looking to support the needs of brand marketers.. By baking 3rd party SDK measurement solutions, like that of IAS, directly into the MoPub SDK, we’ve made this a truly scalable solution.

When is the next Media Quality Report going to be available, and will there be anything new for mobile compared to the last report?

IAS will be releasing our next MQR at the end of March. In addition to the data we’ve provided in previous editions, we’ll be adding some additional data points and insights on mobile topics like brand safety for in-app display. In the meantime, we’re publishing new insights and data weekly on our digital platform, IAS Insider.

How much of MoPub’s inventory is gaming apps?

Certainly not the majority. In fact, we’ve seen the percentage of our inventory that’s made up of gaming apps decrease each year as more and more great apps from across all verticals join our platform. Furthermore, the amount of time people spend in apps compared to the mobile web has been increasing year over year and alongside it the increase in diversity of apps on our platform.

How quickly is adoption of the SDK ramping up?

At MoPub, we’re delighted to say that we’ve seen adoption increase on a monthly basis. Publishers have been really enthusiastic about the SDK because it gives them a single SDK to validate the value and quality of their inventory. We’re seeing thousands of apps adopt our latest SDK, which includes viewability measurement support.

Is video supported by your respective measurement solutions?

Yes! MoPub and IAS support measurement across both display and all VAST video formats.

What is the viewability standard of IAS?

IAS doesn’t have one universal standard of viewability. We do support the MRC viewability standard for many of our clients, but we also work with partners to support their specific viewability requirements. Currently, we support several custom viewability standards including the GroupM standard for those who would prefer to transact only in GroupM viewable impressions.

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