Media Quality Report H2 2019: Top Takeaways

Top takeaways from the exclusive, extensive IAS Media Quality Report

04/14 By IAS Team

Every day, Integral Ad Science measures more than 1 trillion media metrics globally, allowing us the scale to observe media quality developments in real-time. The IAS Media Quality Report H2 2019 leverages this database to offer an industry barometer against which ad buyers and sellers may benchmark the quality of their campaigns and inventory.

  1. Global viewability rates rose across all formats and environments in H2 2019, led by programmatic inventory, which saw greater margins of increase than publisher direct sales both globally and within individual markets.
  2. Industry experts have embraced time-in-view as the natural extension in their verification toolkit: mobile in-app display time-in-view averaged more than 24 seconds worldwide, greater than that of desktop display (22.8s) and mobile web display (15.5s).
  3. Fraud rates on campaigns optimized-against-ad-fraud remained stable across the globe, changing by no more than two-tenths of a percentage point year-over-year.
  4. Global improvements in brand risk mitigation demonstrate that brand safety remains a priority for digital ad buyers: compared to H2 2018, average brand risk levels dropped across most worldwide benchmarks in H2 2019.

As both premium and user-generated content continue to grow at unprecedented rates, the digital advertising industry has increasingly prioritized media quality verification and protection. The content boom provides more opportunities to connect with consumers, but it also creates additional challenges for advertisers to ensure their campaigns are viewed by real humans, in environments suitable to a brand’s image and message. Download the IAS Media Quality Report H2 2019 for the insight needed to plan strategically for the year ahead.

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