Marketers on Coronavirus: Ad Adjacency Considerations

By Tony Marlow, CMO Integral Ad Science

03/26 By Tony Marlow

Last week, IAS released “Consumers on Coronavirus: Ad Adjacency Considerations” to explore how consumer perception of advertisements has changed in the midst of the current global coronavirus situation. As an immediate follow-up, we’ve extended upon the initial study to better understand marketer perception amid the current situation. This study uncovers how marketers are reacting to ads that appear adjacent to coronavirus coverage as the unprecedented situation unfolds day-by-day.

How do marketers continue to advertise in safe and suitable environments during a global pandemic? As online content consumption skyrockets, brands are reevaluating ad placement. Our consumer-focused research revealed that over a quarter of respondents would not want to engage with an ad that was run alongside coronavirus content. Marketers have already begun to shift their adjacency considerations: 61% of the respondents said that the coronavirus situation is changing the type of content they are comfortable advertising alongside.

Download our research to discover how marketers are navigating the digital landscape amidst the ongoing global news coverage of coronavirus.

IAS would like to give special thanks to all of the healthcare providers, public safety officials, and others working to keep our communities safe in the midst of the current situation. We as an industry can make a difference. IAS has joined a consortium of ad tech players to help fight the spread of misinformation related to coronavirus. We will be deploying PSA ads pointing consumers to CDC and WHO information related to coronavirus. To our colleagues in the industry, we implore you to join this initiative headed by Joshua Lowcock, Chief Digital and Brand Safety Officer at UM. Together we have the power to make a powerful and positive impact by highlighting timely and helpful information from the appropriate authorities. If you are interested in participating please reach out to Joshua via LinkedIn or direct message on twitter to @JoshuaUMWW.

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