The top challenges to ‘watch’ out for in wearable advertising

05/05 By Jason Cooper
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Wearables, such as the recently released Apple Watch, offer an opportunity for brands to reach audiences in a personalized way, offering true one-to-one marketing. While the industry is still in beta for wearables, there are factors that can be examined during these early stages to prepare for when this new opportunity is ready to be fully embraced.

Currently, there is uncertainty around the advertising opportunities that will be available through the Apple Watch. Browse any of the Watchkit Apple Developer forums and there is scarce chatter about how to implement advertising from the developers themselves. Despite some companies coming to market with stories of an advertising marketplace for the watch, no one really knows yet. Also, based on developer feedback, it seems no one is actively looking into this possibility right now either.

One thing is clear: wearables will become essential to any brand looking to build on their relationships with their pre-installed app user base. As an example, Apple’s ‘Taptic Engine’ is central to the Apple Watch experience. These are the subtle alerts and vibrations generated by the apps themselves.

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