An inside look at our Threat Lab: 24 hours with Evgeny Shmelkov

12/01 By Evgeny Shmelkov

Name: Evgeny Shmelkov
Title: Senior Data Scientist
Joined IAS: 2014
Degrees & certifications: Ph.D. from New York University

8:00: Usually, I have my first meeting of the day between 8 A.M. or 9:30 A.M. So, I come in to the office either before the meeting or right after. I start the day going through emails and Slack messages in order to catch up with teammates located in different time zones in St. Petersburg and New York. Additionally, I go through the fraud dashboard to make sure that our fraud detection and prevention solutions continue to work smoothly and effectively for our clients around the world.

10:00: At 10 A.M. we have our daily fraud update meeting. Once or twice a week we also have planning discussions and internal demos.

11:00: If no urgent tasks come up, I save this time in my diary for planned R&D work.

12:00: Lunch time! When the famous Seattle rain gives us a break, I buy my lunch from one of the nice little restaurants we have in the neighborhood. Otherwise, I pop downstairs to a food court. I usually eat my lunch in front of my laptop, while finishing some work.

14:00: We often have our fraud data science meetings and discussions during this part of the day. If we don’t have these meetings scheduled, then this can be my favourite time of the day as it is often the most productive: as it is the end of the day in many other IAS offices around the world, we have all the computational resources just to ourselves in Seattle.

18:00: This is usually the time when I leave the office and walk home. I live about a 30 minute walk from the office, so this is when I go outside and enjoy the Seattle rain.

19:00: In the evening I like going to the gym, or if the weather is nice, jogging around the hilly streets of Seattle.

23:30: After finish dinner, watching TV or seeing friends, it’s lights out and off to bed.