An inside look at our FraudLab: 24 hours with Alan Krumholz

09/15 By IAS team

Name: Alan Krumholz
Title: Director, Data Science FraudLab
Joined IAS: February 2017
Degrees & certifications: M.S. Computer Science, Concentration in Intelligent Systems – University of Washington

7:30: I’m always awake by 7:30. I’ll grab breakfast at home of a protein shake, while taking my 8 am meeting with our infrastructure team in St. Petersburg.

9:30: I get to the office by 9:30. I will try and spend half an hour catching up on what has happened in New York during that day. This gives me time to respond to anything urgent before I go into my first meeting.

10:00: I have our daily scrum meeting with my team where each team member gives a quick update of the work they are doing. We also use this time to make sure that everyone has the resource and bandwidth to complete their workload.

12:00: I usually try to bring my own lunch every day, but today I’m eating Sushi. We’re lucky that every Thursday we get lunch delivered to the office, which is always nice as it’s one less thing to worry about. We have a geeky application that chooses the restaurant for us, based on people’s preferences and random numbers.

14:00: Today I’m investigating a fraud spike in a European market place that caused many of our clients there to raise concerns with our CS team. These spikes vary, and although clients are protected by our technology we investigate everything to gather more insight.

16:00: I’m going into my second meeting of the day. My meetings vary on a weekly basis. They go from planning meetings with the PMO team, to vision meetings with the Product team, to jam sessions with our data science team. One of the best parts about my job is the variety; you’re always experimenting with different ideas to solve big practical problems.

18:30: I usually get home around 6:30 pm, depending on what time my last meeting finishes. I live in Magnolia, which is a 30-minute bike ride from the office in downtown Seattle. I’ll help my wife cook something healthy for dinner (and do the dishes). Tonight we’re having homemade tamales.

20:00: Now that Game of Thrones has finished…sigh, if I’m not seeing friends, then I catch up on Narcos. This is my new favourite box set. After a day spent in meetings and focusing on numbers, watching TV is often the best way for me to relax and unwind.

22:30: Lights out, ready to do it all again tomorrow.