Why your mobile in-app ads may never be seen

04/28 By Jason Cooper
Man on mobile device

Brands today have a strong incentive to reach and engage their audience on mobile devices as consumers have enthusiastically embraced mobile technology. Mobile usage has overtaken desktop in terms of time spent online. Many marketers have dedicated substantial portions of their digital advertising budget to this rapidly growing channel.

In-app advertising presents a unique opportunity to capture a consumer’s attention. However, there are instances when consumers don’t see the mobile-app ads that marketers purchase. The online advertising industry must wake up to this and gain a better understanding of why in-app ads are not reaching their audience. First, let me explain why this is happening.

Mobile app developers offer their apps at little or no cost to consumers in order to spur adoption. To accomplish this adoption goal, they rely on in-app advertising to monetize their apps. It’s a win-win-win scenario for the developer, their customers, as well as the brands that are interested in reaching these audiences.

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