IAS Quick Bytes: Brand Suitability

IAS unpacks one of the latest developments in digital advertising: brand suitability

02/11 By IAS Team

In the next iteration of our Quick Bytes series, IAS helps you stay up-to-date with a quick guide on one of the latest developments in digital advertising: Brand Suitability.

Brand suitability encompasses much more than avoiding ad placements alongside inappropriate online content. It’s about identifying the places online that align with a brand’s values and goals. The ability for advertisers to display ads alongside relevant context is crucial because it can have a dramatic impact on consumer perception. In our recent Ripple Effect 2.0 research, IAS found that 81% of consumers consider it important that ads are placed next to high quality content. Additionally, ads placed in low quality environments could cause consumers to cease using a brand’s products, with 39% of consumers stating that they would stop using brands with ads near low quality content.

This is where brand suitability comes in. Brand suitability is a game-changing approach that allows brands to choose the best environments for their ads – a foundational step in making lasting connections with online audiences. Watch the above video and check out our Brand Safety & Suitability one sheet for more.

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