Analytics Deep Dive: IAS Publisher UI

A look into the enhanced IAS publisher UI

04/30 By IAS Team

At IAS, innovation is behind everything we do—even our reporting and UI. We strive to continuously improve our capabilities, ease-of-use, and to increase efficiency. These improvements and innovations allow our clients to focus on reaching their campaign and performance goals. The next focus in our Analytics Deep Dive series is the IAS Publisher UI, which we’ve recently enhanced. 

What is it? 

We’ve released a new feature under the reports tab in our Publisher UI. IAS publisher clients can easily set up an alert to be notified if select dimensions do not meet specific metric criteria and opt-in to receive proactive email updates about over or underperformance. As a result, clients can get ahead of making mid-flight adjustments to ensure optimal campaign performance. 

For existing IAS publisher partners, click here to access a detailed activation guide. Not a current partner? Reach out to learn more!