IAS + Pinterest: Creating connection across the board

IAS and Pinterest have partnered to provide transparency into how Pinterest ad campaigns are performing

09/01 By IAS Team

Chances are that if you’re practicing social distancing, you’re also looking for things to do at home. You’re not alone—consumers are scouring the web for new recipes, crafts, kids’ activities, work from home outfits and even ideas for stress relief, and they’re turning to Pinterest for inspiration. An endless resource for stay-at-home activities, Pinterest inspires people to try new ideas, and consumers are showing up: Pinterest reports at 55% increase in searches compared to this time last year.  

Advertising in a creative environment can help strengthen the emotional connection between a brand and its audience, and as Pinterest’s popularity continues to rise, advertisers have increased opportunities to connect. But with 367+ million active users, Pinterest casts a wide net, and marketers need transparency, trust, and confidence that their messages are reaching their audiences. Together, IAS and Pinterest have partnered to provide transparency into how ad campaigns are performing by measuring Viewability and Invalid Traffic on mobile in-app inventory. 

As money shifts to social, measurement is critical.  

Digital ad spend has been on the rise for years, and as budgets continue to shift toward mobile in-app environments, it’s essential for marketers to have visibility into ad performance. The IAS Pinterest Viewability and Invalid Traffic Solution creates increased transparency into campaign effectiveness by providing measurement across Pinterest ads worldwide. With the solution, marketers have access to mobile in-app Viewability and Invalid Traffic reporting across standard, video, and carousel Pinterest ads, refreshed daily. Considering that 82% of users access Pinterest on their mobile devices, the ability to measure campaign effectiveness in mobile environments is key to evaluating and optimizing media spend.

Pinterest: creativity oasis for consumers, suitable environment for brands. 

Given its vast amount of creative, community- and solutions-oriented content, Pinterest remains a positive environment. In addition to providing solutions for quick pantry meals, hosting a remote birthday party, or even how to teach fifth grade math or cut one’s own hair, Pinterest has taken extra steps to increase awareness during this unprecedented time. In response to a surge in searches for “stress relief,” Pinterest created a new experience on the app and on web for emotional wellbeing, searchable on mobile or desktop through “#pinterestwellbeing”. The visual discovery engine also added a new custom search experience update to help consumers in their COVID inquiries by highlighting information from the World Health Organization (W.H.O.), while also banning content offering false claims of a coronavirus “cure” or “treatment”.

For consumers, Pinterest fosters creativity and connection in a positive environment, a much needed and appreciated resource during times of uncertainty. Together, IAS and Pinterest are committed to creating a transparent, suitable environment for advertisers, too. The IAS + Pinterest Viewability and Invalid Traffic solution provides marketers with the transparency to ensure you’re investing in relationships, while consumers invest in themselves.

Interested in the IAS + Pinterest Viewability and Invalid Traffic measurement solution? Contact us at pinterest@integralads.com.