IAS and the GARM Brand Safety Floor and Suitability Framework

IAS has taken an active role in developing and implementing the evolving framework for brand safety and suitability

12/21 By IAS Team

Between user-generated content, movements for social justice, political news, and a global pandemic, the digital landscape is becoming more complex for advertisers to navigate. IAS believes that ad verification providers have a responsibility to both assess brand risk and help establish a reliable standard for brand safety and suitability. That’s why IAS has taken an active role in developing and implementing the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM)’s Brand Safety Floor and Brand Suitability Framework.

The 4A’s Advertising Protection Bureau (APB) and World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) GARM has developed a first-ever industry standard. Understanding the importance of industry-wide collaboration, they recruited industry leaders including IAS to help define and shape GARM’s Brand Safety Taxonomy

As a leader in brand safety and suitability, IAS is working to better align our brand safety solutions with GARM’s principles. We are taking steps to adapt our current categorization framework to appropriately map to the categories identified by GARM. Additionally, IAS continues to support our leading brand safety and suitability offering, while collaborating with industry leaders to define and develop a detailed specification of this framework. We recognize the positive impact this framework can have for the industry, and we are actively contributing to its success.

Industry leaders, like Publicis, also play a critical role as we work to define these standards across the industry. “We have a responsibility to safeguard advertisers and consumers, and the 4A’s and GARM’s frameworks have served as necessary building blocks for more consistent parameters and policies for all facets of the advertising ecosystem to rally around,” said Emily Healy, Director, Digital Standards, Publicis Media Exchange. “In order to address brand safety and suitability effectively, it’s essential that all industry players collaborate and adhere to these frameworks. We’re fortunate to be collaborating with partners like IAS as they work to provide greater accountability and transparency in the industry by supporting these standards.”

IAS is committed to the GARM framework, and we will continue to collaborate with the industry on successful implementation and adoption. For the latest updates regarding our work in this area and how IAS has you covered, please reach out to your sales representative.