Holiday Shopping 2020: Giving season goes digital

IAS asks consumers about their shopping preferences and how they perceive digital ads during the holidays

09/23 By IAS Team
holiday shopping advertising

Holiday shopping season used to conjure visions of catalog cutouts, shopping malls, and competitive buyers bustling for deals. Now, consumers can simply turn to the nearest screen to conduct research, find deals, and hit ‘Buy now’. With the world spending more time at home than ever, IAS wants to know: How do U.S. consumers prefer to shop?

Online shopping has been on the rise, but in the midst of coronavirus, consumers are especially hesitant to shop in person. In fact, only 2% of consumers plan to shop exclusively in stores. As consumers trade queues for couches, they’re also more receptive to digital advertisements during the holiday shopping season. That means it’s essential for advertisers to ensure they’re reaching the right consumers and making an impact.

To learn more about how consumers perceive digital advertising during the holiday season, download the full study below.

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