Delivering control and efficiency with Google Display & Video 360

IAS solutions are now integrated into Google’s Display & Video 360 (DV360) and Campaign Manager

10/09 By IAS Team
google dv360 integration

Brands rely on ad inventory that is brand-safe and relevant to their campaigns. IAS studies prove that connecting with consumers in relevant environments lead to increased ad impressions and brand recognition. IAS has partnered with Google to integrate our solutions into Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager. As a result, brands can efficiently optimize campaigns to fit brand suitability standards. 

Finding the right fit

For years, customers have been leveraging IAS pre-bid segments within Display & Video 360 for ad fraud protection, viewability optimization, and brand safety protection. With the addition of IAS contextual segments for content avoidance, marketers are now able to optimize their campaigns to meet performance goals. When activated, IAS contextual segments proactively filter out content that doesn’t align with a brand’s suitability standards.

Marketers already know they want to access relevant environments to connect with consumers as efficiently as possible. The true obstacle was finding out how to do it. With IAS’s new pre-bid filtering option, available within Display & Video 360, brands can feel more confident knowing their message will land in suitable environments. These segments utilize IAS’s unique semantic technology to assess the context, sentiment, and emotion at the page level. As a result, advertisers using IAS pre-bid technology within Display & Video 360 have the opportunity to control their brand’s ad adjacencies without sacrificing scale.

More control for more confident buys

Advertisers want to feel confident that their message will be delivered in high-quality environments without missing valuable opportunities for connection. To enable safe ad adjacencies, the latest IAS and Display & Video 360 integration should be activated in conjunction with pre-bid brand safety filtering. With the power of semantic technology, IAS pre-screens and categorizes pages for suitability with unprecedented precision, at scale. Now available within Display & Video 360, Context Control provides advertisers with over 100 industry-specific and topical segments for content avoidance. 

Automating 3rd party verification

Additionally, advertisers who use Campaign Manager and run campaigns through Display & Video 360 will also benefit from automated 3rd party verification. The IAS Automated Tag solution is a proven time-saver for Campaign Manager users launching new campaigns with IAS verification. When enabled, placements served through Campaign Manager will automatically append IAS verification, as well as sync to Display & Video 360 as wrapped creatives, reducing the time required to get campaigns live. Advertisers will be able to easily switch between monitoring and blocking as well as enable or disable IAS verification tags without re-wrapping and re-trafficking. In addition, advertisers will be able to see the number of impressions blocked by IAS, directly in Campaign Manager reporting. Access to this information in one place gives advertisers the power to strategize and meet their campaign goals. 

Now, marketers can focus on what’s really important: improving campaign performance and reaching the right consumers.

Want to learn more? Download the Context Control one sheet for Display & Video 360 here and the Automated Tag one-sheet below.

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