Free Press, Advertising, and the Future of Democracy

Virtual Panel

04/30 By IAS Marketing

In the wake of fake news and terrorism, many advertisers have stepped away from running their ads alongside hard news because of the risk to their brand reputation. Advertisers have played a crucial role in supporting media and ultimately free press as a whole, but this recent shift in behavior by advertisers is causing a ripple effect throughout the publishing industry and shaking the very foundation of our democracy.

In our virtual panel IAS and key media players discuss what brands can do to make sure they are not aligning with misinformation. Fill out the form below to watch on-demand now.


  • Tony Marlow, Chief Marketing Office, Integral Ad Science


  • Yale Cohen, Executive Vice President, Global Activation Standards, Publicis Media Exchange
  • James Hercher, Senior Reporter, AdExchanger
  • Ryan Spicer, Vice President, Sales & Client Partnerships at WarnerMedia (CNN)


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