Featured partner: Turn

07/12 By IAS Team
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In this quarter’s Trader’s Edge newsletter, we interviewed Julius Ramirez. Julius is responsible for global demand side platform partnerships and strategy at leading omnichannel ad tech company Turn. Throughout his five years at Turn, he has lead partnerships with best-of-breed technology vendors to give customers scalable access across the programmatic ecosystem. With Turn’s continued focus on growth and scale globally, forging the right types of partnerships that align with customer goals has been the team’s top priority.

What sets Turn apart from other platforms in the programmatic space?
Turn is the independent omnichannel ad tech company that delivers real-time insights that transform the way leading media agencies and enterprises make marketing decisions. The Turn platform enables anonymous audience planning, data centralization, cross-device advertising and advanced analytics, along with point-and-click access to more than 150 integrated technology partners, including Integral Ad Science. We help marketers understand their audience, execute across those audiences and know what’s working, what isn’t and why.

Why are you excited to enhance your partnership with Integral Ad Science?
Being a technology company, we’re a firm believer in embracing ecosystem evolution and innovation that will promote more control, transparency and efficiency for marketers. Video viewability measurement is a critical component to Turn’s overall focus on video. This enhancement with IAS enables our customers to measure video viewability across the supply ecosystem at scale.

Why is video so important to Turn?
Video is important to us because it’s important to marketers. It’s one of our key focuses in helping brands engage audiences across the customer journey. A Forrester survey found 39% of brand managers said digital video ads are better at communicating advertising messaging than other forms of media. Marketers are tasked with determining who to engage and how to make a meaningful connection, and they’ve identified video as a critical tool in doing exactly that.

What are you most excited about in the future of programmatic advertising?
Programmatic advertising is constantly evolving and becoming more central to brand and agency strategies. We are seeing tremendous interest in working with a platform like Turn that provides open access to inventory, data and analytics. We don’t believe in the walled garden approach; we believe in continuing to promote and design an open ecosystem that will enable buyers and sellers to transact in the most transparent way possible. In order achieve success at scale, we all have to play a part in promoting more access and transparency across the programmatic ecosystem.

What is your go-to industry publication?
I read AdExchanger, MediaPost, Ad Age, The Wall Street Journal and The Economist for industry news.