Bringing greater brand safety controls to Facebook video

11/20 By IAS Team

Look around. Chances are, you’re in the vicinity of someone—if not many someones—using a device to read or watch content online. Whether it’s the latest trending video or real-time news update, we’re consuming and creating content at an unprecedented rate. By 2025, an estimated 163 zeta bytes of data will be created worldwide—four times as much as all spoken words in human history!

Don’t believe us? The numbers don’t lie. Every minute:  

  • 4,146,600 videos are watched on YouTube 
  • 15,000 GIFs are sent through Facebook messenger
  • 527,760 photos are shared by Snapchat users
  • 456,000 tweets are sent on Twitter
  • 46,749 photos are posted on Instagram

As content creation demonstrates exponential growth, brand safety and suitability are, understandably, top of mind for advertisers, especially across those social media platforms run by user-generated content.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with Facebook to release a first-of-its-kind brand safety and suitability solution for Facebook in-stream videos. The new IAS inclusion list solution, developed for Facebook’s Dynamic Content Sets and currently in testing, supports the advertisers’ growing demand for highly viewable and brand-safe videos to reach their ideal audiences on Facebook. Using a combination of proprietary brand safety methodology and robust machine learning technology, we create inclusion lists of low-risk videos across all supported categories. The lists are updated daily to ensure the content sets are as up-to-date as possible. Prior to serving their advertisements on in-stream video, our customers can apply these prescreened lists through their Facebook Business Manager. 

This release marks the next stage in the growing partnership between IAS and Facebook. Together, we’re dedicated to developing innovative solutions in response to industry trends and advertiser concerns. Our newest solution presents the industry with a powerful tool for minimizing brand risk across social platforms with third-party pre-screening. Given that 81% of U.S. consumers find it annoying when a brand appears next to low-quality content, our solution empowers advertisers to take control of their media spend and capture the valuable attention of consumers.

Since 2016, IAS and Facebook have partnered to provide reliable insights advertisers can trust. Our scalable targeting solutions allow our clients to protect and grow their brands in suitable environments on the world’s largest social content platform.

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