Does viewability drive conversions?

10/03 By IAS Team
A scientific study of ad viewability and its impact on business outcomes

In partnership with GroupM, IAS identified three brand candidates to participate in an Online Conversion Lift study. With Online Conversion Lift, IAS provides a holistic view of advertising impact across media buys. This allows us to create recommendations for optimal media exposure to drive better return on ad spend. We know that viewability and Time-in-view play a major role in an ad campaign’s effectiveness. This study shows that by leveraging additional insights from Online Conversion Lift data, you can further inform and optimize your media strategy.

In the study we explore the following:

  • What is the optimal exposure time to drive conversions?
  • What is the ideal frequency cap to maximize KPIs?
  • Can media placements be optimized to drive outcomes?

To learn more about how we quantified digital campaign effectiveness and its impact on driving meaningful conversions, download our case study below.

Download case study