Your 2021 guide to the OM SDK

Download our OM SDK mini guide to learn more, including updates for Open Video

03/22 By IAS Team

As part of the IAB Working Group for The Open Measurement Software Development Kit (OM SDK), we are excited to support the expansion of standardized measurement to Open Web Video, available now for integration! The OM for Open Web Video SDK takes standardization a step further for all industry players and helps fill the gaps left by the deprecation of VPAID (Video Player Ad Interface Definition). 

“The release of Open Measurement for Web Video finally brings a first-class measurement solution to all web video,” said Tom Sharma, Chief Product Officer, Integral Ad Science. “Extending Open Measurement offers our customers a single standard across web and mobile apps that is trusted, transparent, and secure.”

Measurement on Open Web can be tricky since increased freedom to run and deploy code in real-time makes fragmentation among measurement and metrics more likely. This update also gives more autonomy to publishers who are looking to maintain the security and control of their video players.

We are excited about the release of this major milestone and to continue to support a standardized industry. Download our OM SDK Mini Guide below to learn more about the OM SDK and this new update for Open Video!

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