IAS im Charity Einsatz

16 Dezember Von IAS Insider

Nicht nur in der Weihnachtszeit ist es uns wichtig, dass das IAS Team auch außerhalb des digitalen Kosmus aktiv ist.

Freiwillige Arbeit kann bei uns jeder auch innerhalb der Arbeitszeit machen.

Dazu hat unser Programmatic Solutions Specialist Akshay Bhattacharjee seine Erfahrungen mit uns geteilt.

Giving back to the Community

Statistics show that there are around 6,000 to 10,000 people that are living on the streets of Berlin. However, around 50,000 have no permanent homes and are considered to be homeless.

So I believe we all can make a difference by helping out in any way, shape or form, and remember to be grateful for what we have by not take things for granted.

I grew up in a family that firmly believes in always doing what is right and giving back to the community. Hence, I try to do some good deed everyday be it feeding someone who is less fortunate, or by putting some food out on my balcony for the birds, or help a blind person cross the road.

In the past, I was able to volunteer for several projects like Berliner Tafel, building a garden at the refugee center, building tables & chairs for the disabled children and a few more, thanks to Vostel.de, which is an NGO in Germany that gives individuals and companies opportunities to sign up for different volunteering activities.

Recently, I volunteered at the Berliner-Obdachlosenhilfe (Helping the Homeless) through Vostel.de’s platform. Berliner-Obdachlosenhilfe is a small Non Profit Organization that helps feed the homeless and provide clothing. I was part of the cooking crew that made pasta with a choice of 2 sauces (veg and non-veg). The entire atmosphere was great, as I got to meet individuals from organizations like Audible, a couple of start ups and even Zalando, my previous organization.

I’m happy that Integral Ad Science is a firm believer in giving back to the community and I look forward to having more colleagues join me for other projects. I personally believe that volunteering is not only a great team building activity but at the end of the day gives a sense of satisfaction which is beyond anything else.

Once again, a big thank you to Vostel.de, my manager Clementina and Integral Ad Science for making this happen.