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The role of context and collaboration as cookie deprecation takes effect

12/16 By IAS Team

Cookie deprecation has sparked quite the conversation

Among the many changes we’ve experienced in 2020, cookie deprecation has the industry talking. Concerns about data privacy have not only led to increasing legislation but are also driving technological change. Still, the future of digital marketing in a cookieless world remains ambiguous. In our latest webinar, Cookieless Campaigns, we decode the questions within this evolving narrative. Do consumers really care about privacy? What do consumers think about targeted ads? Has the cookie crumbled yet, and what will the industry use instead?

IAS has the answers on legislation, consumer preferences, and the steps required for the industry to navigate an Internet without cookies. Tune in to our webinar, Cookieless Campaigns, to explore how collaboration and context will shape a new age of targeted marketing.

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