Introducing The Congruence Effect

Consumers weigh in on whether contextual advertising adjacencies impact their perception of a given brand

01/20 By IAS Team

In the last year, global events and challenges drove what felt like an endless news cycle. As a result, much has been said about content adjacencies. Advertisers seek to connect with consumers while protecting their brand; publishers, especially premium and news outlets, want to deliver information and quality journalism without risking revenue. So, how can brands advertise in suitable environments without limiting scale and affecting publishers? Recent IAS research has shown that consumers are more receptive toward brands that advertised in environments with positive sentiment, and were also more likely to remember such ads.

But what about negative sentiment? By simply avoiding negative content, advertisers would lose scale and valuable impressions. In The Congruence Effect, IAS asked consumers to weigh in on whether ad messaging related to the surrounding content impacts their perception of a given brand.

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