Bringing transparency to mobile in-app buys with MoPub

08/31 By IAS Team

Enabling measurement across devices with consumer exposure

Consumers are spending nearly all of their time on mobile, now spending up to five hours a day on devices. With a 69% increase in mobile in-app use year-over-year, it’s no surprise that marketers have taken notice. Mobile is projected to represent nearly 80% of digital ad spend by 2020, according to eMarketer, and mobile apps remain one of the fastest growing areas for digital advertising. But just like any other device, in order to make an impact, ads need the opportunity to be seen.  

MoPub understands the need for transparency in the mobile in-app environment. To provide a seamless and scalable solution to publishers and buyers alike, MoPub has integrated the Integral Ad Science (IAS) software development kit (SDK) for viewability measurement into their latest update. IAS viewability measurement is enabled by default and available to any one of the over 49K apps on the MoPub platform once publishers integrate MoPub’s latest SDK.

“Viewability measurement on mobile is critical for buyers as they look to reach their audiences in-app more and more. By directly integrating the IAS technology into the MoPub SDK, we’re now able to offer one integrated solution to our publishers globally, and in turn, scale IAS measurable inventory in-app to buyers. We’re excited to be working with IAS on this important industry initiative.” said Meridith Miller, Head of Commercial Partnership

Late last year, we built the SDK to provide a scalable solution that benefits both in-app publishers and marketers alike. This SDK enables publishers to drive greater revenue, while providing brands with trusted, robust mobile in-app measurement and reporting that is actionable for a seamless cross-device experience.

“It’s great to see the progression from MRAID to SDK, this is an exciting time for the industry,” said Jason Cooper, General Manager, Mobile at IAS. “We are thrilled to partner with MoPub to improve transparency in the programmatic in-app market with a scalable solution that benefits both in-app publishers and marketers alike.”

In addition, this partnership provides the mobile in-app data necessary to enable transparency across connected devices. Earlier this year, we partnered with a select group of Fortune 500 companies to determine, measure and control how viewable exposure time and frequency have a role in turning consumer attention into action.

Effective digital advertising starts and ends with the consumer’s ad experience, not the individual impression, and research shows that the vast majority of consumers could be reached more effectively. Consumer Exposure begins to map the consumer journey, showing advertisers the total brand exposure across digital touch points, enabling marketers to understand how consumers are exposed to their messages across devices.

To enable viewability measurement in your app, download the latest version of the MoPub SDK. And if you’re a buyer looking to access measurable inventory through MoPub, contact your account team.