A global beverage leader perfects brand suitability with IAS

11/07 By IAS Team

In this case study, a global alcoholic beverage leader with over 200 brands sold in 180 countries strives to meet consumer demand around the world. Faced with the choice of pulling advertising spend from YouTube, a channel that drove the majority of its in-store sales, or accepting the potential backlash for brand suitability issues, the company was in a dilemma. The brand needed to establish the right protocols to meet their brand suitability standards on YouTube in order to continue taking advantage of its most successful marketing channel.

This global industry leader and their agency, Mindshare, partnered with Google Marketing Platform and IAS to leverage its third-party brand suitability solution on YouTube. Using IAS data, Mindshare worked with the brand to identify YouTube videos that met the brand’s strict suitability standards, helping them achieve the level of transparency they needed to make more informed decisions about content and protect their investment.

Download the full case study now to make sure that your YouTube advertising is reaching your desired audiences in an environment that’s suitable for your standards.

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