Watch on-demand: IAS talks Automated Tag with Awlogy

IAS and Awlogy discuss how Automated Tag wrapping is driving digital advertising efficiencies

12/17 By IAS Team

With 2020 coming to a close, the industry is gearing up for a new year and new priorities. At IAS, we recognize that digital advertising campaign trafficking is, at times, tedious, and that the tag wrapping process can be subject to human error. The digital landscape is evolving, and IAS is dedicated to helping marketers shift their focus toward success. With this goal in mind, IAS developed the Automated Tag solution. Once activated by the client, Automated Tag wrapping (ATW) automatically appends IAS verification, reducing the time required to launch campaigns. But don’t just take our word for it — in our latest webinar, our partner Awlogy weighed in on how Automated Tag has made an impact for their team. Watch now on-demand, and check out the FAQs below.

What does the workflow look like when submitting new campaigns?

For IAS clients, campaign submission will remain the same as today (via the IAS Campaign Management Platform). The major difference will be with the way tags get wrapped using Automated Tag.

Can you map the Account ID to multiple IAS Teams, and vice versa?

Yes. Google Campaign Manager 360’s Account ID can be mapped to multiple IAS teams in the dashboard. A single IAS team ID can be submitted by the client in Google Campaign Manager 360, and additional IAS teams can be added by the IAS team. If you have multiple Advertiser IDs, you can also map it to the same IAS team.

What if we want to switch tags from Blocking to Monitoring or vice versa after Automated Tag has been activated and tags have been trafficked?

Yes, this is possible. While we continue to honor media partner limitations on blocking, we are enabling clients to easily make necessary changes on the fly. Additional capabilities are also available to minimize other common scenarios where clients may need to make changes. Contact us to learn more.

Will Automated Tag work for Google Campaign Manager 360 site-served 1x1s? If so, will this result in wrapped tags or separate IAS 1x1s being issued?

Clients can wrap 1×1 tracking ads via ATW. However, if 1×1 tracking pixels are to be included in other ad server tags which are also wrapped by IAS, then ATW should not be used.

Will this integration allow us to avoid exporting tags from Google Display & Video 360, sending to IAS for wrapping, and then re-uploading to Google Display & Video 360?

ATW is an integration between Google Campaign Manager 360 and IAS. Improved sharing is available to Display & Video 360 as wrapped placements sync automatically to Display & Video 360, and data flows seamlessly back to Campaign Manager. Use of ATW also helps reduce the risk of historical issues such as cost data transfer and associated reporting between Campaign Manager and Display & Video 360 when IAS wrapping is used.

Are we able to insert macros within the IAS wrapper using this integration?

IAS clients can set key values on Google Campaign Manager 360 placements directly since they need to be populated by publishers.



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