The Power of Context, AU Consumer Research Report

03/10 By IAS Team

Context Matters

The digital advertising landscape is shifting, and one thing has been made clear: context is critical. Imagine reading an article about a luxury hotel, then noticing an ad for used cars. Or making your weekly grocery purchase and seeing an advertisement for computers.

You might think those ads aren’t right for you, since they’re not related to the content you are interested in. And you’re not alone. In fact, 86% of consumers in Australia think contextual advertising relevance – whether an ad is relevant to the content on the page – is at least somewhat important.

For technology like programmatic, targeting a user based on the context of the page can prove highly effective- not to mention providing a viable alternative for cookieless audience targeting. 

Our latest research also shows how contextually relevant ads affect consumer ability to recall the ads and foster a favorable consumer opinion toward the brand.

Download the Power of Context Australia research today to learn how contextual adjacencies of your ads can maximize impact and cost efficiency of your campaigns.