Streaming Wars Wave 2: Staying at home with CTV

Exploring how consumer stay-at-home behaviors are impacting CTV usage

04/07 By IAS Team
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Last month, IAS released “Streaming Wars” to explore connected TV (CTV) usage and preferences around subscription streaming services. Since then, the global climate has shifted in response to coronavirus, and people around the world have been encouraged to stay home. Consumers are adjusting by leveraging technology to stay connected, read the news, explore new hobbies, and consume content. In other words, chances are that your Saturday night binge-watching habits have trickled into every night of the week. This hunch was the catalyst for IAS to expand on the initial study and ask consumers how their stay-at-home behaviors are influencing CTV usage and preferences.

Grab the popcorn: the second wave of Streaming Wars discovered that 63% of consumers prefer CTV over other devices for streaming video content—a significant increase from the initial study. By providing a gateway to the latest binge-watchable series, nostalgic classics, local news, and even user-generated content, CTV devices provide unlimited resources to consumers stationed at home. Younger audiences, specifically, have leaned into CTV with 58% of consumers aged 18-29 preferring it now, compared to 43% earlier this year.

While the world is addressing more pressing challenges than the impacts on advertising, marketers who are looking to reach consumers can likely engage them through CTV: If access to CTV devices seemed high in the first wave of Streaming Wars at 88%, that number is only growing—90% of US consumers now have access to one.

Download our research to discover how consumer connected TV usage and preferences toward subscription streaming services are evolving in the midst of the current global coronavirus situation.

IAS would like to give special thanks to all of the healthcare providers, public safety officials, and others working to keep our communities safe in the midst of the current situation. We as an industry can make a difference. IAS has joined a consortium of ad tech players to help fight the spread of misinformation related to coronavirus. We will be deploying PSA ads pointing consumers to CDC and WHO information related to coronavirus. To our colleagues in the industry, we implore you to join this initiative headed by Joshua Lowcock, Chief Digital and Brand Safety Officer at UM. Together we have the power to make a powerful and positive impact by highlighting timely and helpful information from the appropriate authorities. If you are interested in participating please reach out to Joshua via LinkedIn or direct message on twitter to @JoshuaUMWW.

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