Quick Bytes Video: Supply Path Optimisation for Transparency in Programmatic

04/22 By IAS team



In the next video of the Quick Bytes series, we help you stay up to date by bringing you a quick guide to a recent development in digital advertising concerning transparency in programmatic buying, Supply Path Optimisation. The dynamics of programmatic advertising have shifted as more budgets continue to flow into it. Advertisers are increasingly pushing for greater transparency into their programmatic media and are wanting to ensure that they are getting quality inventory from their media spend. This demand for transparency in programmatic buys has been driven by the widening access to programmatic that has resulted in advertisers being offered multiple paths to the same ad inventory. This is where Supply Path Optimisation comes in, as it helps buyers access relevant programmatic inventory more efficiently. Supply Path Optimisation helps advertisers choose the buying channels that they want, and most cost-efficiently.

At IAS, we are committed to closing the transparency gap and assure efficient programmatic transactions. This is why we created the industry-first solution, Total Visibility, where advertisers can optimise their programmatic campaigns toward paths delivering the highest quality and most cost-efficient media. Watch the Quick Bytes Supply Path Optimisation video now.


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