Unlocking scale for mobile ad verification with Open Measurement

IAS and the IAB Tech Lab announce the Open Measurement SDK to brings transparency and consistency to in-app mobile advertising

The 20 most blocked keywords of March 2018

The 20 most blocked keywords globally in March 2018.

Transparency in digital: H2 2017 Media Quality Report

The H2 2017 Media Quality webinar features insights from our bi-annual IAS Media Quality Report. We discuss ANZ media quality brand safety benchmarks from the region and around the globe. H2 2017, saw many headlines lauding the challenges brands face in ensuring their advertising appears in safe environments and adjacent to risk-free content.

New data captures the shift to mobile during major TV events

New IAS data captures the way audiences shift their attention to mobile during major television events.

Case study: Improve your social viewability

Learn how a major CPG turned to IAS to to increase its understanding of media quality and to gain greater transparency into its campaigns on social media.

H2 2017 ANZ Media Quality Report

Every month IAS analyses hundreds of billions of impressions globally. These impressions span across every channel and platform from desktop and mobile to video and walled garden social platforms. We evaluate these impressions for viewability, potential ad fraud, and brand safety. Our bi-annual media quality report aggregates those findings to present the clearest possible picture of media quality in the United Kingdom.

Ask a social buyer: iProspect

We sat down with Brittany Richter, VP Head of Social Media at iProspect, to get some insight into how social is bought and sold, the metrics that matter, and where transparency is helping to foster growth.

Three tips to protect your in-app investment

Three tips for protecting and maintaining brand safety for your in-app digital advertising investment.

Getting digital to square one

Brand safety? Non-viewable impressions? Ad fraud? Traditional media doesn’t have any of these challenges. For digital advertising, just adding value means getting back to square one.

The 20 most blocked keywords of February 2018

The 20 most blocked keywords globally in February 2018.

Avoiding false positives: Strategic implementation of keyword blocking

How brands can fine tune their keywords to prioritize brand safety in digital environments without sacrificing scale in digital campaigns.

FEC regulations that publishers should know

The 2018 midterm campaign season is coming and political advertising spend is expected to break records, but publishers need to be sure they’re playing by the rules. Learn how publishers can earn campaign ad spend without breaking FEC rules.

Mobile Webinar Q&A: Using data to protect your brand

IAS and MoPub Q&A on the latest tips and tricks for identifying the highest quality mobile inventory while keeping your brand safe.

Dig into the Data: Keeping your brand safe in a mobile-first world

Every day more users are shifting their eyes to mobile and it’s clear that ad dollars have to follow them. But how can brands be sure that they’re making the most of the ad spend inside fast-changing mobile environments? We teamed up with MoPub for a webinar to help you understand the quality of mobile inventory, and learn new tactics to invest and measure your brand dollars.

The four types of domain spoofing

The IAS Fraud Lab breaks down the four core types of domain spoofing, how they work, and how to stop them.

The 20 most blocked keywords of January 2018

The 20 most blocked keywords globally in January 2018.

Why consumer-based metrics matter

Advertising has one high-level objective: to influence consumer behavior in a manner that creates value for the brand. Learn why consumer based metrics are the key to achieving that goal.

IAS Influencers – David Hahn on Blockchain

David Hahn, Chief Product Officer at IAS, discusses the potential of blockchain to transform digital advertising and the digital landscape itself, from commerce to content. 

Brand safety: a short guide

Brand safety is not a net-new concept, global events and a heightened sensitivity to unsavory ad placements have thrust brand safety into the national spotlight. View our short guide here. Want to learn more about brand safety? Download the full guide.

Sex and Violence: How the UK and US block content keywords

See the top blocked keywords in the United States and the United Kingdom and learn how each region defines brand safety differently.