Avoid risky content. Protecting your digital investment.

The news cycle is tumultuous, fake news is still proliferating online, and adult content is still pretty popular. Brand safety challenges abound and for marketers scaling their campaigns, the risk of winding up next to something unsavory has never been greater. In this webinar we explore the boundaries of brand safety and share tips to keep your brand safe.

An Interview with our Publisher team: Trends

In a fast changing media environment, publishers need to remain vigilant for opportunities. Below we’ve highlight two major trends that publishers should take advantage of to improve their bottom line: 1. From a media quality perspective, we are really excited about the prospect of trading on time. It benefits so many stakeholders, publishers are rewarded […]

Achieving trust and transparency as a Google Measurement Partner

Achieving trust and transparency with Google Measurement Partner

An Interview with our Publisher team: Challenges

Last week, we introduced Laura and Chanel who head up the APAC Publisher team at Integral Ad Science. They identified some goals for publishers looking to maximise the value of their inventory. This week we’re looking into the challenges that publishers are struggling with and how we’re helping to overcome them. 1. As much as […]

Does World Cup media score marketer goals?

The World Cup is a sort of sports-world lightning in a bottle, striking every four years to capture the attention of fans around the world. According to FIFA, more than one billion fans tuned in to watch the final game of the 2014 tournament played between Argentina vs. Germany. This year, through June 22, viewers […]

The 20 most blocked keywords of June 2018

The 20 most blocked keywords globally in June 2018.

Case Study: How one CPG brand cut programmatic ad fraud

CPG marketers were the earliest adopters of programmatic buying. However, they’ve also been facing challenges with their digital advertising, including buying impressions that reach non-human audiences, a problem that can be particularly prevalent in unfiltered programmatic environments. Learn how to avoid those challenges.

How to select a fraud detection provider

Fraud in online advertising is a difficult and rapidly evolving challenge. Learn how to cut through the noise and choose a fraud detection provider that can offer the protection you need.

An Interview with our Publisher team: Laura and Chanel

Over the next few weeks,  we’ll be releasing a four-part series on the current state of the digital publishing industry. This week, we introduce Laura and Chanel, who really felt there was a need, and wanted last year, to provide dedicated support to our Publishers at Integral Ad Science. As we are increasingly investing in […]

OTT’s ad supported future

Broadcasters and viewers are both racing toward OTT even as the subscription model is breaking down due to consumer fatigue. That means OTT will soon open up a host of new ad supported opportunity for advertisers.

The Bot Papers: Proxy8

The IAS Threat Lab breaks down Proxy8, giving readers a deeper sense of how the bot works in the specific context of ad fraud.

The 20 most blocked keywords of May 2018

The 20 most blocked keywords globally in May 2018.

IAS continues to grow with Vista Equity Partners

IAS joins Vista Equity Partners to protect and grow brands Vista Equity Partners to Acquire Majority Stake in Integral Ad Science, Supporting IAS’s Continued Growth

Ask a Brand Safety Officer: Joshua Lowcock – Global Brand Safety Officer, UM Worldwide

We sat down with Joshua Lowcock, Global Brand Safety officer at UM Worldwide, to learn more about his new role and how the agency plans to tackle the brand safety challenges.

Digital can change for the better, viewability is the proof

Our changing perception of acceptable view ability levels is a testament to the power of collective action in digital advertising.

The 20 most blocked keywords of April 2018

The 20 most blocked keywords globally in March 2018.

CEO Scott Knoll talks fixing digital advertising on CNBC

IAS CEO Scott Knoll sits down with CNBC to discuss how to make digital advertising work for brands by eliminating waste caused by fraud, unsafe placements, and unviewable inventory. 

Let’s get practical about AI and digital publishing

How AI and machine learning will help digital publishers.

IAS Influencers – Amy Shriber on OTT and advanced TV

Amy Shriber, senior director, product management, video at IAS, discusses the state of OTT and advanced TV.

Why are our ads appearing on questionable content?

When display networks require that an ad be served on every impression, IAS protects you by placing our own ads in risky environments.