Spring is in the air for advertisers and premium publishers

Maybe this isn’t true everywhere. But in the northeast, we’ve reached the time of the year when nearly everyone has had just about enough of winter and is eager for warmer days. And, with OTT buds starting to bloom and brand safety and other concerns driving brands to invest with trusted partners, premium digital publishers […]

IAS CEO on the opportunity of new media platform ad measurement

Lisa Utzschneider tells CNBC’s James Wright what they’re doing to help marketers measure marketing ROI with new media advertising opportunities.

PSA, MediaCom, IAS and YouTube pledge for brand safety

Learn how IAS worked with YouTube on the development of brand safety and suitability measurement technology to help marketers and IAS clients protect their advertising investments.

The 20 most blocked keywords in February 2019

The most blocked brand safety keywords for February 2019

What to do when you find invalid traffic on your site

The web is rife with invalid traffic, some of it helpful and a great deal of it malicious, but such activity on your pages can imperil the trusted relationship you’ve built with your advertising partners.

How ad verification metrics maximize the impact of digital media investments

Introducing Online Conversion Lift, developed by IAS to leverage ad verification metrics to accurately measure digital campaign effectiveness.

Not Just Opportunity: How We Actually Use AI and Machine Learning

Agencies, brands, publishers, and technology platforms all agree that AI and machine learning represent a potential paradigm shift for digital advertising, but there’s a consistent lack of clarity around what that opportunity would look like.

The 20 most blocked keywords in January 2019

The most blocked brand safety keywords for January 2019

The 20 most blocked keywords for December 2018

The most blocked brand safety keywords for December 2018

2019 Predictions from IAS

Our experts offer their best predictions for trends, opportunities,and challenges that will drive digital advertising in 2019.

The 20 most blocked keywords for November 2018

The most blocked brand safety keywords of November 2018

In-app Fraud Update

We are excited to announce additional enhancements of our mobile in-app offering. Now, you can holistically protect your in-app display ads from fraud. On December 11th, IAS will release enhanced reporting and fraud blocking for in-app display placements. Additionally, app-level fraud and viewability reporting will be available for you to easily understand the fraud and […]

Junkee – an integrated partner

We’re pleased to announce that Junkee is now integrated with the IAS platform allowing for complete inventory transparency. Like many publishers, Junkee is committed to providing high quality inventory across direct and programmatic channels. The Junkee team sees the transparency provided by IAS media quality metrics as a critical part of that mission.   With […]

It’s not black and white: Why blacklisting and whitelisting aren’t enough

The fight against ad fraud is an arms race. Fraudsters have developed sophisticated tactics to steal digital marketing dollars and marketers need to keep up if they want to protect their spend. For marketers aiming to achieve scale without waste, black lists and white lists aren’t enough to win the war.

The 20 most blocked keywords for October 2018

The most blocked brand safety keywords of October 2018

How publishers can use Publisher Optimization to reduce brand risk

A major publisher was challenged by a Fortune 100 technology advertiser to meet the stringent brand safety requirements. The tech brand established brand safety standards to prevent their ads from being delivered next to content that could negatively impact consumer perception of the brand and to avoid negative media coverage.

Tricks of the trade: Holiday marketing Q&A

In our recent webinar, “Tricks of the trade: holiday edition” we received a lot of great questions about how to improve campaign performance. In this blog post, we’ll attempt to answer them all in a bit more detail.

The 20 most blocked keywords for September 2018

The most blocked brand safety keywords of September 2018

The 20 most blocked keywords for August 2018

The most blocked brand safety keywords of August 2018

How publishers can reduce fraud with Optimisation

A digital publisher that serves the financial, technology, and healthcare sectors was challenged by a sudden spike in bot traffic to its website. The publisher’s advertisers immediately became concerned that a portion of its inventory consisted of fraudulent traffic. This could easily lead to a breakdown in trust between parties – during the spike, the […]