Creatives made for social drive better performance

A major logistics company partnered with IAS to discover the performance gap between made-for-social creatives and television-port video creatives.

The bots are evolving: Ad fraud in a privacy driven world

The IAS Threat Lab regularly conducts experiments to understand and decipher any new kind of bot behavior, including how bots have evolved in response to new privacy regulations.

Pushing CTV measurement forward in a fragmented ecosystem

IAS partnered with some of the largest video publishers in the industry to develop a CTV solution that validates video ads played to completion and free from invalid traffic (IVT) on a TV screen.

Social Cheat Sheet

Our Social Cheat Sheet has the key objectives you should be incorporating into your digital strategy, as well as a simple plan-of-action to scale your social ROI.

The State of Brand Suitability

By 2020, a majority of survey participants say brand suitability will be equally or more important to them than brand safety. Why? The answers aren’t the same for everyone. In order to widen the discussion to the greater advertising industry,  IAS partnered with Digiday to lead a study establishing where industry priorities currently lie.  The […]

Webinar: 2019 Holiday Buying Unwrapped

Across the United States and beyond, the holiday season is the most important period in the retail calendar. During this busy time, campaign performance is critical, as it provides an opportunity to connect with highly engaged shoppers searching for the perfect gift.

How to power your Social Media Campaign for Success in APAC?

By Etienne Watrigant, Channel Sales, APAC, Integral Ad Science (IAS) According to eMarketer July 2019 reports, in APAC, 81% of internet users have a social media presence and it’s projected that by 2023, there’ll be 2 billion social media users in APAC! In accordance with these jaw-dropping stats, the potential consumer touchpoints for advertisers today […]

Does viewability drive conversions?

In partnership with GroupM, IAS identified three brand candidates to participate in an Online Conversion Lift study. This study shows that by leveraging additional insights from Online Conversion Lift data, you can further inform and optimize your media strategy.

Australia leads the world for mobile ad view time

Australians spend more time viewing mobile web display ads than consumers in any other major global market, according to a new report that also notes the risk to brands from advertising online in Australia is one of the lowest in the world. Integral Ad Science (IAS), a digital ad verification firm, published its global Media Quality […]

Australians look at mobile web advertising for longer

Australians tend to look at mobile web display ads for longer than their global counterparts, according to analysis by Integral Ad Science. The Media Quality Report for the first half of 2019 shows that the average time-in-view for mobile web display ads was highest in Australia at 18.47 seconds, with US in second place at 16.19 seconds. Australia […]

Advertising Week NY Recap Part 2

We’re highlighting some key takeaways from the second half of Advertising Week 2019 here in New York City.

Advertising Week NY Recap Part 1

 Here’s our 3-2-1 recap of Advertising Week New York! IAS will be bringing you our three favorite quotes, two things we learned, and the one thing we are looking forward to next. It’s officially fall in New York City, and Advertising Week has kicked off with the top-of-mind industry topics we’ve all been waiting […]

A Pragmatic Guide to Migrating to New IAB Video Standards

Whether you’re a digital advertising expert, or just a person with a smartphone, there is no denying there has been a huge uptick in video advertising across all your devices. And while video remains the fastest-growing ad format, most people aren’t chomping at the bit to figure out how video works. In this guide, we’re […]

The 20 Most Blocked Keywords in August 2019

The following list compiles the most blocked keywords by advertisers during August 2019.  Blocked keyword lists prevent a brand’s advertising from appearing next to content that includes those words and can be an effective form of protecting your brand reputation. However, keyword lists must be used with care, as overzealous use, alongside failing to refresh […]

Enhance ad memorability in a content-saturated world

In a study conducted with Neuro-Insight to research the impact of suitable and unsuitable content on consumer ad perception, we found that ads, regardless of the message or brand, seen in a high quality context are more memorable.

A 360 view of video advertising: Webinar Q&A

Video content consumption is more fluid than ever across screens.  In our Virtual Panel titled A 360 View of Video Advertising, IAS sat down with industry leaders from Innovid, FreeWheel Advertisers, and NBCU to discuss the opportunities and challenges from a converged video world and stressed the importance of partnerships in order to scale the latest Connected TV (CTV) environment.

Cheers to 10 years of verification

IAS brought trust and transparency to the digital advertising industry for over a decade, and we’re excited to bring that momentum into the next ten years. To celebrate, we created a timeline with interesting moments in the tech industry alongside key milestones since our inception. Take a walk down memory lane with us, from our first media quality benchmarks to our CTV solution and beyond!

Virtual panel: A 360 view of video advertising

We invited industry leaders to a digital panel aimed at breaking down the larger digital video ecosystem. How can we can start taking advantage of the landscape that’s set to overtake traditional TV advertising in the next decade? With new innovation comes the need to establish lasting partnerships to achieve success.

Quality Casts Powerful Halo Over Advertising Perception

Research commissioned by Integral Ad Science (IAS) in partnership with Neuro-Insight, a global leader in neuroscience-based market research, debuted today, highlighting the effect of surrounding content over advertising perception. Findings from the report show that display ads seen on high-quality mobile sites were liked more than the same ads seen on low-quality sites.

Tailoring your brand safety strategy

Brands invest a significant amount of time creating an image, cultivating consumer perception and fostering associations. However, in digital advertising, nearly 1 in 10 ad impressions is surrounded by unsuitable or inappropriate content that can damage brand equity built up over years.