The Post Cookie Fallout

In our “Post-Cookie Fallout” webinar we discussed solutions and best practices to help publishers maximize the value of their inventory in the wake of industry change and uncertainty. The shift away from cookie-based targeting is the perfect opportunity for publishers to identify new ways to gain from previously unmonetised inventory and maximize yield, all while maintaining the inventory quality that your advertisers care about most.

Consumers on Coronavirus: Ad Adjacency Considerations

Coronavirus has created an unprecedented disruption to the daily lives of millions worldwide and online news/content related to the evolving situation burgeons. In an effort to be better informed and focus on the facts, IAS surveyed US consumers on March 12 to determine how they perceive content adjacencies—and whether they’re changing their digital behaviors related to the pandemic.

Have you seen this bot?

The IAS Threat Lab has brought the industry’s attention to a growing bot scheme called the 404bot.

‘A False Sense Of Security’: Emerging Ad Fraud Tactics

As more money pours into digital advertising the size of the opportunity grows for ad fraudsters, who are continually developing new schemes to evade detection and pilfer the riches from the advertising ecosystem. The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) estimates that by 2025, over $50 billion will be wasted annually on ad fraud. While Juniper Research […]

Next on Google Chrome’s hit list: Intrusive ads (yes, YouTube included)

Google Chrome is blocking intrusive ad formats within short form videos from 5 August 2020. More specifically, the ad formats affected will be: Long, non-skippable pre-roll ads or groups of ads longer than 31 seconds that appear before a video and that cannot be skipped within the first five seconds; Mid-roll ads of any duration […]

Product Sneak Peek 2020

In 2019, IAS explored uncharted territory with CTV, shifted from Brand Safety to Brand Suitability, and scaled on social – as we look back on the year, here are our favorite product innovations and a sneak peek of what’s to come in 2020.

Measuring business outcomes is the biggest challenge for APAC: Mumbrella

Integral Ad Science’s (IAS) Industry Pulse Report shows that APAC adland professionals are focused on quality, contextual targeting, lack of social media transparency and measuring business outcomes. The announcement: Measuring business outcomes, the rise of contextual targeting in a cookie-less world, harnessing the explosion in OTT/CTV dictate APAC marketers’ agendas in 2020 according to a […]

Google to scrap third-party cookies: Will it crumble parts of the digital ad world?

In two years, Google plans to make third-party cookies obsolete on Chrome as part of its open source initiative, Privacy Sandbox, which was first announced in August last year. This comes as users are demanding greater privacy – including transparency, choice and control over how their data is used . “It’s clear the web ecosystem […]

Open Measurement: The final lap

The Open Measurement initiative was created to solve an industry-wide challenge, but there’s still more to do when it comes to streamlining measurement in the digital advertising ecosystem.

Brand Suitability: Are you there yet?

Does your brand safety strategy tick all the boxes? Find out! Test the strength of your digital advertising campaign today.

Brand safety is best for everyone. Brand suitability is best for you.

At Integral Ad Science, we’ve had a strong brand safety solution since our inception. Now, as the number of platforms and places your brand can appear rapidly grows, relying just on safety is not enough. We’ve invested in new technologies that take into consideration the specific needs and context of your ad campaigns. Download our guide to learn how […]

​Predictions: Digital marketing predictions for 2020

CMO asks the experts about what digital marketing will hold in 2020 Contextual advertising experiences a renaissance GumGum SVP of global commercial development, Adam Schenkel, said contextual advertising, the centuries old way of reaching relevant audiences by placing an ad next to brand or product related content, is set for a renaissance next year, boosted […]

Evolving brand safety to brand suitability: How do you find suitable spaces?

Guinness beer is renowned for its clever and resonant advertising. But is a focus on creative alone enough? Let’s take a moment to unpack the role of environmental context.

Bringing greater brand safety controls to Facebook video

IAS teamed up with Facebook to release a first-of-its-kind brand safety and suitability solution for Facebook in-stream videos.

The 20 Most Blocked Keywords in October 2019

Check out the top 20 most blocked keywords for the month of October 2019.

Make a list, check it twice: a holiday buying guide

The holiday buying season is already upon us, and brands need to ensure that their campaigns will hit the mark. During this busy time of year, consumers are spending more time on their devices, meaning that digital campaign performance is especially critical.

The Ripple Effect

IAS found that 81% of consumers said they find it annoying when a brand appears in a low-quality environment. Driven to learn what else they revealed?

A global beverage leader perfects brand suitability with IAS

This case study focuses on a global alcoholic beverage leader with over 200 brands sold in 180 countries in every category to meet consumer demand around the world. Faced with the choice of pulling advertising spend from YouTube, a channel that drove the majority of its in-store sales, or accepting the potential backlash for brand […]

Shifting gears from Brand Safety to Brand Suitability

As a follow-up to the Halo Effect, we surveyed consumers across 6 markets to answer the question: When it comes to a brand itself, just how much does environment impact a consumer’s opinion?

Clicks vs. Bricks: Finding the sweet spot in your digital ad buys

Whether you sell online, in-store, or both, finding the balance between in-store aesthetics and digital advertising investments is crucial this time of year.