The importance of open sourcing software to keep apace in an ever-changing digital landscape

Mobile devices have become central to our lives, affecting how we interact with the world around us. However, even with increasing mobile usage, third-party verification and the measurement of performance of mobile impressions remains a challenge for the advertising industry.

Brand safety on a global scale and in real-time

A global marketplace needs smarter, more dynamic tools to prevent ads appearing next to unsavoury content.

Viewability, viewability, viewability

Over 1,000 digital advertising professionals ranked viewability as the #1 most important aspect media quality. So, we dug a little deeper – here’s what they had to say about the industry guidelines and transacting on viewability.

Are native challenges about to be overcome?

Native advertising and its benefit in terms of performance, is a topic that has been widely discussed throughout the advertising industry, but yet the adoption of native has been slow. Why has the industry been so slow to adopt native advertising?

Is an open source initiative the key to solving viewability problems?

Integral Ad Science’s General Manager, Mobile, Jason Cooper discusses the reasons why IAS chose to open source their proprietary software. Find our more about the future of mobile measurement.

Inside the IAS Threat Lab: analyzing malware

Integral Ad Science Malware Analyst David Wells gives an account of the fight against ad fraud from the front lines. Get an inside look at how bots work and how security analysts discover threats against advertisers.

Ad fraud deep dive: what is the true impact of digital ad fraud?

Integral Ad Science’s ad fraud and security expert Grzegorz Miaskiewicz explains everything you need to know about ad fraud – the economics behind it, its many elusive forms, and the impact it’s had on our industry.

Integral Ad Science Verification now available for Twitter video inventory

We’re proud to announce that our integration with Twitter has launched – providing viewability measurement for Twitter video inventory.

Transparent, efficient, and universal: making the case for open sourcing software

Integral Ad Science set out to understand what it would take to deliver third-party verification at scale for their customers and partners. This report delves into the market challenges of measuring viewability in-app and the advantages of open sourcing for the industry.

The top three common misconceptions about brand safety

Brad Timmers, Director of Product Management, looks at three misconceptions companies often have about brand safety.

Moving open source SDK forward: IAB to assume governance of industry initiative

In December 2016, we announced our decision to open-source our in-app viewability measurement solution. We’re excited to announce that the IAB will be governing this initiative going forward. With their leadership, we hope to make this solution a true industry standard.

Methbot? More Like Mehbot.

Jason Shaw, Director of Data Science, Head of the IAS FraudLab Earlier this week, news broke of “Methbot,” a supposed new large-scale online advertising fraud operation. According to the announcement, Methbot generates non-human traffic primarily affecting video advertising, and snatches advertisers’ budgets away. After careful examination of our system by the IAS FraudLab, in accordance […]

Viewability’s double-edged sword

It makes sense that the industry has been focused on viewability through a media-centric lens. With this approach, media buyers and sellers can determine whether specific ads are in view and which ad units and pages offer the greatest chance for being seen. After all, advertising has no chance of working unless consumers have the opportunity to see the ads. But the entire digital advertising ecosystem exists to support brands and their efforts to reach and influence consumers. And although brands want their ad campaigns to have high viewability rates, more importantly, they want to ensure that their messages have an impact on targeted consumers. While these two points sound indistinguishable, they are not because all media are not created equal.

The ad quality revolution is still unfolding

Our CEO, Scott Knoll, discusses viewability, measurement, and more on AdExchanger Talks, a podcast focused on data-driven marketing.

What exactly counts as fraud?

We all know ad fraud is a problem, but it’s not always clear what exactly counts as fraud. Here’s a snapshot to help illustrate.

Ad fraud: the essentials

We all know ad fraud is a problem, but it’s not always clear what exactly fraud is, how it works, and how we can eliminate it from the digital ecosystem. We’re here to make this complex topic easy to understand and address.

The bot papers: Avireen

David Wells, Senior Malware Analyst at Integral Ad Science, goes into specific technical detail of not only what Avireen does, but how it carries out ad fraud.

The bot papers: Poweliks

David Wells, Senior Malware Analyst at Integral Ad Science, breaks down the Poweliks botnet, giving readers a deeper sense of how bots work in the specific context of ad fraud.


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