How we’re mastering test management

We explore some of the common methods used to manage testing and lay out the test management process that the IAS team has found most effective.

IAS Influencers – Dave Marquard on publisher inventory

Video -Publisher optimization, ad fraud, and brand safety. How digital publisher can optimize their inventory to boost their bottom line.

Major automaker drives campaign efficiency and performance

Major automaker drives campaign efficiency and performance with a single brand safety, viewability, and ad fraud transparency solution. Read the case study.

The 20 most blocked keywords by auto brands

The 20 most blocked digital advertising keywords by automotive brands.

Brand safety in a social world

Brand safety is a problem on social platforms. How can third party brand safety partners add transparency to walled gardens.

Why publishers are struggling to monetize Trump traffic

Publishers are doubling down on content about Donald Trump to boost views. Learn why monetizing this content is a challenge despite the Trump traffic bump.

3 Trends: What’s in store for digital advertising in 2018

Viewability, transparency, and collaboration top IAS’ list of major trends for digital advertising in 2018.

How to turn Returns Week into Exchange Week

Returns can take a big bite out of retailers’ holiday profits. Learn to take advantage of lower fraud and higher viewability in early January to launch a digital campaign that will take the sting out of returns week.

The flavors of fraud: GIVT vs. SIVT

Invalid traffic costs the US digital marketing industry$4.6 billion every year. This traffic comes in two flavors: General Invalid Traffic (GIVT) and Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) learn the extent to which each will impact your campaign.

The evolution of social media advertising

In the beginning, there was the banner but today’s digital advertising ecosystem has changed with the rise of social media platforms. Learn how marketers can close the loop on digital campaigns by embracing the power of social and third-party verification.

Beat the Java Bottlenecks

The overall performance of an application can be contingent upon a variety of factors, and often performance tuning can be more of an art than a science. While performance can be a secondary benefit in some applications, in high throughput applications such as ad servers, performance bottlenecks can act as fatal blows to an otherwise […]

Social platform glossary

Social platform refers to a digital technology that enables the development and management of social media solutions and services e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

An inside look at our Threat Lab: 24 hours with Evgeny Shmelkov

An inside look at our Threat Lab: 24 hours with Evgeny Shmelkov

Jessica Miles, Sales Director ANZ, featured in Adnews

Our very own Jessica Miles, ANZ Sales Director, was recently featured in Adnews Industry Profile. Adnews is one of the leading trade publications in Australia. On the profile, she talks about fighting the good battle against poor media quality and lack of transparency in the market. Congrats to Jessica! Check out her interview below. From Adnews […]

How to optimise your ads inside walled gardens

Breaking down walls means better optimisation The buyer journey has gone mobile, and marketers have taken notice. Self-educating consumers are using their mobile devices to engage with brands on social platforms and provide real-time feedback. Actively collaborating on these platforms, both marketer and consumer alike, boosts a brand’s presence and cements its identity. Protecting the […]

An Interview with Sam Thompson, Amplifi Australia

Name: Sam Thompson Job Title: Programmatic Strategist Company: Amplifi Australia The Australian online advertising market continued double-digit year-on-year growth, reaching $7.6 billion in 2017 financial year, according to the latest IAB/PWC Online Advertising Expenditure Report. More than half of all digital ads are bought through programmatic or ad networks. Andrew Gilbert, Sales Director ANZ at IAS, […]

Tricks of the trade: 2017 Holiday Edition

To make the most of your programmatic budgets during the holiday season, you need to be armed with the latest information on viewability, brand safety, and ad fraud. Leverage these tips and tricks to increase scale without sacrificing quality and make your programmatic dollars go further, increase your ROI, and connect with holiday shoppers during this key time of year.

How digital advertising can benefit from the growth of AI

Less than a century has elapsed since the idea of artificial intelligence began to stir excitement in the field of computing. In this short time artificial intelligence and machine learning have taken off, spilling over the walls of academia and into everyday life.

Brand safety glossary

Brand safety refers to keeping brands’ campaigns – and reputation – safe from risky online content or environments.

Brand safety: the essentials

Brand safety is essential. Protect your brand. With the proliferation of fake news and the changing socio-political climate, protecting your brand is more important than ever. Minimize the risk to your brand reputation.