New Targeting Opportunities with IAS Context Control

02/24 By IAS team

IAS offers industry-leading technology to understand the true context, sentiment, and semantics of a given webpage – at scale. This delivers programmatic buyers unprecedented precision for targeting content that is contextually relevant for seasonal campaigns to engage buyers and increase favorability for your brand.

Capitalise on Seasonal Audiences   

Autumn holidays and events will look different in 2021 as a result of the global pandemic. While we may not attend some events in person, most consumers will still celebrate holidays and watch live sports at home. Advertisers need to ensure their messages are reaching these consumers and making an impact. IAS’s predictive science pre-screens pages and categorizes them before a bid is placed, enabling you to target seasonal autumn content and amplify your brand where consumers are looking.

What you get

  • Carefully curated seasonal segments for targeting autumn related content at the page level
  • Accurate classification at scale of content using best-in-class semantic intelligence 
  • Reach your desired audience without the use of third-party cookies

Available Autumn Contextual Targeting Segments 

  • Mother’s Day
  • Easter
  • Autumn Fashion
  • Ramadan
  • Earth Day

Audience Proxy Targeting Segments

In addition to our seasonal segments, we also offer Audience Proxy targeting segments that enable you to reach endemic content that represents where your target audience will be, increasing recognition and positive brand association. For example, our ‘Marriage’ proxy segment targets content that represents topics of interest for an audience looking to get married.

Other segments include:

  • Sports Enthusiasts
  • Car ownership
  • Pet Owners
  • Tech Enthusiasts

And many more!

To activate these segments, reach out to us today for a list of available DSPs and detailed user guides.