In-app Fraud Update

12/11 By IAS team

We are excited to announce additional enhancements of our mobile in-app offering. Now, you can holistically protect your in-app display ads from fraud. On December 11th, IAS will release enhanced reporting and fraud blocking for in-app display placements. Additionally, app-level fraud and viewability reporting will be available for you to easily understand the fraud and viewability status of the apps where your display and video media buys are serving. These enhancements join IAS’s Fraud and Viewability pre-bid in-app targeting to provide complete campaign measurement and optimisation.

What to expect:

Effective December 11th, your campaigns that use our single tag for display across desktop, mobile web and in-app placements will automatically have blocking applied to in-app display impressions. No action is needed on your part.

Block rates may vary based upon an advertisers in-app media buys. If you would like to stop blocking in-app placements, please let your IAS Representative know, as tags will need to be recreated.

IAS is committed to creating a transparent and actionable ecosystem. For more information please check our mobile capabilities one-sheet and the IAS Insider.