Junkee – an integrated partner

12/11 By IAS team

We’re pleased to announce that Junkee is now integrated with the IAS platform allowing for complete inventory transparency. Like many publishers, Junkee is committed to providing high quality inventory across direct and programmatic channels. The Junkee team sees the transparency provided by IAS media quality metrics as a critical part of that mission.  

With growing concerns over the integrity of the digital advertising supply chain, advertisers are raising viewability standards, setting goals which can be time consuming for publishers to meet through manual optimisation. Compounding the problem, failure to meet these goals can damage advertiser relationships and drive demand for make-goods and refunds.  

In order to turn these situations around, publishers need a partner to empower them to optimise their inventory towards higher viewability. In partnering with IAS, publishers are able to utilise the optimisation solution to eliminate the manual work traditionally required to  deliver on viewability, opening up new opportunities for publishers to leverage and monetise viewable inventory, and increase revenue. The optimisation tool will also allow Junkee to effectively reduce brand risk and fraud for their advertisers, minimising media budget waste and building trust between publisher and advertiser.  

“The integration and partnership with IAS has enabled us to evaluate our inventory against meaningful qualitative metrics, and insure that we’re engaging with our advertisers and agencies on the metrics that matter to their brand and campaign performance.” said Ian Grants, Chief Information Officer at Junkee. “Looking to the future, we’re assessing all ad improvements and innovation in our capabilities through the lens of IAS’ media quality metrics, bringing more high value products and transparency to our direct and programmatic offerings. The IAS partnership has been an enabler for a step change in our digital advertising capabilities and development.”

The prediction is to see for the first time a drop in supply and an increased demand placed on quality inventory as publishers move towards trading on media quality metrics that matter.