An Interview with our Publisher team: Laura and Chanel

06/21 By IAS Team

Over the next few weeks,  we’ll be releasing a four-part series on the current state of the digital publishing industry.

This week, we introduce Laura and Chanel, who really felt there was a need, and wanted last year, to provide dedicated support to our Publishers at Integral Ad Science. As we are increasingly investing in our publisher tools, the pair put their hands up to head up the Publisher team across APAC. Laura and Chanel have both worked publisher side; Chanel in Australia and Laura in APAC, so it was only fitting that they stepped into these roles.

With their combined experience, the team has identified two key goals for Publishers:

1. “Those Who Do Not Learn History Are Doomed To Repeat It”. We need all stories reported on, the good the bad and the ugly. We want to ensure advertisers and agencies respect and appreciate the great content that is created every day, sure some of it is not appropriate for every advertiser but they have the tools available to mitigate risk. Ultimately publishers should be rewarded for quality content and engagement.

2. We want to arm publishers with the knowledge and tools to meet agency and advertiser demands.

If these align with your Publisher goals, or you’d like to have a discussion on this topic, please reach out to Laura or Chanel at