An Interview with our Publisher team: Challenges

07/13 By IAS Team

Last week, we introduced Laura and Chanel who head up the APAC Publisher team at Integral Ad Science. They identified some goals for publishers looking to maximise the value of their inventory. This week we’re looking into the challenges that publishers are struggling with and how we’re helping to overcome them.

1. As much as we might want to, we don’t live in a world that has 100% viewability. As the demand for media quality increases it creates pressure on supply, there will be a cap on supply and CPM’s will need to increase. If you’re a planner or a buyer reading this then you are probably sighing. You pay more to be first in break so advertisers will need to expect to pay more for ads that come with guarantees. If every advertiser demands media quality how are publishers to decide who to give this inventory too, it can’t be the top spender, price will be the decider.

2. Meeting advertiser media quality demands takes up a lot of operational time. Publishers have to manually optimise towards viewability and take a guess at what is and isn’t right for the advertiser when it comes to brand safety, all for not much more reward. We are not going to plug the product as much as I would like too but we can solve for all of this and take away the guesswork, giving the publisher time and labor back.

3. We have all received the dreaded email with a  subject line that reads ‘how did this happen’ accompanied by a screenshot.  One impression that is deemed to be risky in the advertisers eyes sets off what becomes a significant undertaking for multiple parties over a 24-48 hour window, usually resulting in an advertiser demanding a make good from the publisher. The advertiser knows what is and isn’t acceptable for the brand, it is then up to the agency and the advertiser to own that by taking control and putting the appropriate protection measures in place. I would love for agencies and advertisers to take ownership of this. It should not be on the publisher, you know your brand better than anyone. 

What all of this adds up to  is a revenue loss. The publisher isn’t equipped with the tools they need to reconcile the differences between demand and supply. We want to stress, that while these are current market challenges, they are also all resolvable if both the publisher and advertiser take the appropriate steps to change.

If you are a publisher experiencing these challenges and are looking for advice, please reach out to Laura or Chanel at  

Next week, we look into the changing industry and what trends we are seeing from a Publisher perspective.