2020 Product Launches from IAS – A Recap

12/07 By IAS team

Despite the challenges of 2020, IAS focussed on launching the best products to help clients navigate through this unprecedented time for digital advertising to successfully deliver their campaigns in a fraud free, viewable and brand safe environment.

Here are a just a few of our 2020 product launches. Click here for a complete list – it’s been a busy year!

Introducing Context Control: 

IAS is proud to announce Context Control, IAS’s Content Avoidance and Contextual Targeting capabilities for your Brand Suitability needs,  which is available through all major DSPs. Our technology is more advanced than ever, delivering control through unmatched precision in classifying content at unprecedented scale.

Click here for more details or contact your IAS representation for more information.

IAS Partners with Google in Building An Industry-Leading Automated Tag

IAS and Google Campaign Manager announced the first Automated Tag to seamlessly wrap campaigns with both ad server and third-party verification tags for Campaign Manager.  Time spent manually wrapping tags is one of the biggest pain points for digital advertisers today. With IAS’s new Automated Tag, they will now be able to reduce time spent wrapping tags.

Click here to find out more about this fantastic new product offering

IAS and Channel Factory Partnership

In August, we announced our exciting partnership with Channel Factory. Our new offering, ‘Channel Science’, gives marketers increased performance and efficiency on YouTube. Together, our channel- and video-level brand safety paired with Channel Factory’s expert curation of YouTube content has created a match made in digital heaven.

Read more about this incredible new product here


Introducing Total Visibility with Amino Payments

Now more than ever, marketers are looking for ways to ensure their advertising budgets are as effective and efficient as possible. Advertisers need to optimize toward inventory that is brand-safe, viewable, and free of invalid traffic, while ensuring they’re getting the most value out of their media budgets.

In an effort to close the transparency gap and assure efficient quality media transactions, IAS has formed an exclusive, industry-first partnership with Amino Payments.

You can read more about Total Visibility product here


Our full list of 2020 product launches and updates can be viewed here