IAS and Digiday on The State of CTV

IAS surveyed the Digiday audience to capture the state of the CTV space

05/11 By IAS Team

As consumers continue to stay indoors, connected TV (CTV) is getting its time in the sun: 90% of consumers report that they now have access to a CTV device. But even before the global pandemic led consumers to self-quarantine, CTV adoption was already on the rise, with 60% of the population predicted to watch CTV by 2022, according to eMarketer. In “The State of CTV,” IAS surveyed the Digiday audience to capture the state of the promise—and the pitfalls—of the CTV space. The survey not only gauges levels of understanding toward CTV but also explores what is driving advertisers’ interest, innovations, and successes across their CTV campaigns.

Surprisingly, media experts’ opinions are divided on the very definition of the term CTV. Some definitions are more sophisticated than others, ranging in their approach to the environment and its audiences. At the same time, many advertisers are still grappling with how to properly present the true value of CTV as a powerful platform for robust investment. Experts understand that the inventory can be limited, and the metrics and measurement can be hard to nail down, and that seems to be the largest obstacle.

As CTV viewership increases, so does the competition for consumer attention. With seemingly infinite services to choose from, the “streaming wars’’ are actively dividing consumer attention and loyalty. This year alone has already witnessed the launches of Disney+, NBC Universal’s Peacock, HBO Max, and Quibi, adding to a lengthy list of existing and well-known services. While advertisers may relish the opportunity to be seen in so many environments, they may also feel resistant to investing in a provider that winds up with lower subscription rates.

IAS revealed that despite shaky steps toward investment and adoption, the industry sees CTV as the platform with the most potential for video advertising innovations. Download this report, and unpack the full results of our survey, illuminating The State of CTV.

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