Enabling brand suitable targeting for in-stream video with Facebook Content Allow Lists

05/12 By IAS Team
Learn  how to protect your media investment and grow your brand on Facebook

Smart marketers recognise that some webpages are more suitable for their brand than others. Brand suitability is arguably more important than ever, as consumer stay-at-home behaviors are driving online activity. Social media, in particular, has witnessed increasing usage, creating more opportunities for marketers to reach consumers in the right places. To get you there, IAS is proud to partner with Facebook to announce the new Facebook content allow list solution for in-stream video.

Facebook’s in-stream video ads allow marketers to place ads before, during, and after publisher-driven video content. With over 70% of in-stream ad impressions viewed to completion, Facebook in-stream video ad campaigns act as the catalyst for consumer connections through longer view durations. The content allow lists solution allows marketers to run video ads alongside vetted in-stream video content in order to grab the users’ attention and potential engagement in a brand suitable environment. Advertisers will be armed with a dynamically updated, video-level content allow listing solution that helps provide a more nuanced brand suitability control to help minimise the risk of negative impacts on social media campaigns. 

Content allow lists combined with IAS’s Block Lists solution gives advertisers comprehensive coverage across the Facebook Audience Network, Instant Articles, and in-stream video. This helps to ensure that their ads will only be viewed in high quality environments that meet their brand safety needs. 

Given that more people are online right now, it’s essential to ensure that your campaigns appear alongside content that is suitable for your brand. IAS is here to help protect brands, and their media spend, from unnecessary risk. Together, IAS and Facebook are committed to providing you brand safety and suitability solutions that help you protect your media investment and grow your brand in a suitable environment.

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