Context Control: Unmatched Brand Suitability Solution

03/05 By IAS Team

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With worldwide content creation and consumption accelerating at an unprecedented rate, brand strategy needs to stay ahead of emerging trends and breaking news. Now more than ever, the nuances of context, language semantics, sentiment, and emotional impact of the content need to take center stage when deciding where to spend media dollars.

With IAS’s Context Control, advertisers will be able to utilize the premiere semantic technology within the verification space to deliver unmatched accuracy and granularity in online content classification. Superior content classification enables a new level of precision and scale for marketers seeking to better navigate the content adjacencies associated with their online campaigns.

The semantic technology components of Context Control give advertisers access to custom and curated contextual targeting capabilities. These are based on an array of contextual signals such as content sentiment and its underlying emotional classification – powerful features that many competing solutions do not offer. This class-leading solution also delivers a precise semantic understanding of page-level context – this enables advertisers to navigate common homonym scenarios that keyword blocking cannot (such as the difference between “gun shot” versus “basketball shot” content).

Supporting over 40 languages, Context Control has been proven to be more accurate than the next industry offering. To learn more about how you can use this solution to drive better performance for your digital campaigns, contact us, or download our Context Control one sheet below.

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