Combating the global spread of COVID-19

By Lisa Utzschneider, CEO Integral Ad Science

03/25 By Lisa Utzschneider
spread of COVID-19

In response to the current global health crisis, IAS is proud to partner with the Ad Council in collaboration with The White House, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and major media networks to launch a series of national public service ads (PSAs) and multi-channel content to provide critical and urgent messages to the American public. 

We are leveraging our innovative technology and global scale to help slow the spread of COVID-19 globally. This week, we announced our participation in two major initiatives to share a series of public service announcement (PSA) advertisements across the web. 

IAS is also partnering with the World Health Organization (WHO), in cooperation with Amobee, along with agencies, partners, and competitors to share a series of digital ads, which feature a simple call-to-action linking consumers to the WHO’s site on best practices for personal and public safety during the pandemic. 

IAS will participate in these campaigns by deploying creative assets and messaging developed for CDC and WHO in place of many overlay ads served adjacent to coronavirus-related content. This effort will deliver millions of additional ad impressions to provide the public with up-to-date information on containing the spread of COVID-19.

Creative assets focus on educating the general public with messages around social distancing, personal hygiene, and mental health. The PSAs direct audiences to either WHO or CDC centralized resources that include up-to-date information related to the crisis.

At IAS we value doing the right thing both for our customers and our communities. By working with our partners on these initiatives, we hope to do our part to help flatten the curve and reinforce accurate, reliable information. 

To get involved or for more information on these initiatives, visit the dedicated websites from the Ad Council and the consortium.

Most importantly of all, on behalf of IAS, I would like to give special thanks to all of the healthcare workers, public safety officials, and others working hard to keep our communities safe and healthy in the midst of the current situation. We are all in this together and we will get through this together.