Case Study with GroupM France: Saving 15% of your programmatic spend

07/07 By IAS Team


Programmatic advertising can be prone to lower viewability and more exposed to ad fraud and brand safety risks. GroupM France wanted to deploy a global, large-scale programmatic strategy for their major advertiser’s programmatic campaigns. With IAS’ granular data and insights, GroupM France identified the areas of campaigns and markets that had below-average levels of viewability as well as above-average levels of ad fraud and brand risk across all programmatic media partners. 

The results of this analysis prompted GroupM to activate IAS’ pre-bid segments for viewability, ad fraud and brand safety within its DSP. GroupM was then able to target impressions with higher viewability for every market the campaign ran in. At the same time, IAS’ pre-bid segment immediately started filtering out invalid traffic and content that could pose a reputational risk before the brand ever placed a bid on inventory, resulting in an immediate drop in ad fraud and brand risk levels.


As a result, 15% of campaign spend was reallocated to impressions that drove business outcomes. 

  • Viewability increased 9.8 percentage points globally 
  • Invalid traffic and brand safety risk reduced to 0.56% and 0.2% respectively

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