IAS selected for the YouTube Measurement Program

IAS has been selected for the YTMP, further strengthening our partnership with Google

05/08 By IAS Team

When it comes to watching online video, there’s no bigger platform than YouTube. In fact, YouTube has over 2 billion monthly average users—almost half of all people on the Internet. On a platform that generates 500 hours of new content every minute, you need guaranteed protection for your campaigns. IAS is excited to announce our selection for the YouTube Measurement Program (YTMP), further strengthening our growing partnership with Google.

The YTMP program was created to offer advertisers an array of trusted independent solutions for driving and measuring marketing performance on YouTube. IAS has been selected for ‘brand suitability & contextual targeting’ and ‘brand safety reporting.’ The combination of these categories gives clients proactive protection and granular control through IAS channel inclusion lists and holistic media quality insight offerings. As a YTMP partner, IAS will receive training and resources, technical support, and product tools to continue enhancing our YouTube offering.

Since 2018, IAS and YouTube have partnered closely to increasingly evolve capabilities for brand safety and suitability, creating a bidirectional feedback loop through which both parties improve their respective capabilities.

With brand safety verification at the core of what we do, we are able to proactively protect advertisers by pre-screening channels, so they are optimised for targeting on YouTube. IAS provides a curated list of brand-safe channels by assessing the risk level of all videos across 3.5M channels. Only channels with a low-risk score are included in IAS’s Channel Inclusion List for YouTube auction buying. We also pre-screen Google Preferred lineups provided by YouTube and exclude all high-risk channels for this premium inventory.

Together, IAS and YouTube work to identify content that is not suitable for advertising, while balancing brand reach and suitability needs. IAS is proud to be recognised as part of the YTMP, a valuable initiative to expand the brand safety and suitability solutions available to advertisers. To get started, contact us at YouTube@integralads.com

Integral Ad Science (IAS), a trusted Google Measurement Partner, and YouTube have partnered since 2016 to provide viewability, ad fraud, and brand safety measurement across all YouTube in-stream video inventory including TrueView and Google Preferred. This integration covers mobile, desktop, and CTV/OTT environments.