Case Study with GroupM France: Saving 15% of your programmatic spend

Programmatic advertising can be prone to lower viewability and more exposed to ad fraud and brand safety risks. GroupM France wanted to deploy a global, large-scale programmatic strategy for their major advertiser’s programmatic campaigns. With IAS’ granular data and insights, GroupM France identified the areas of campaigns and markets that had below-average levels of viewability as […]

DOOH & its verification capabilities the next big thing for advertisers in APAC?

For the uninitiated, Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) refers to ads, and video showcased outside the home at billboard locations such as bus shelters, shopping centers, and large roadside billboards. The message delivery is supported by rich and dynamic digital technology, maximised with real-time capabilities to target consumers on-the-go. DOOH encompasses a variety of screen shapes, sizes, […]

Together at Home: Investing in consumer connection

Advertisers who use advanced brand safety and suitability strategies to connect with consumers now will build lasting relationships for the future.

Total Visibility: Media transparency in the era of efficiency

In this virtual fireside chat IAS, Amino Payments, and Verizon Media discuss the emergence of an industry-first partnership between IAS and Amino. With Total Visibility, advertisers can take back control of their programmatic media spend. Moderated by Verizon Media, this premier virtual fireside chat dives into the importance of transparency into supply path costs and what the future of advertising holds.

WFA x IAS Webinar: A Marketer’s guide to digital ad fraud in APAC

Since the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) Compendium of Ad Fraud Knowledge for Media Investors was first published in 2016, digital ad fraud has continued to appear in many different forms and shows no sign of abating. Across bots, pixel stuffing, malicious apps, and more, ad fraud has evolved in such a way that it can impact every element of digital advertising including evolving mediums and leading to erosion of media investment across platforms.

Research: How advertisers can navigate the consumer privacy landscape in Australia

The ability to collect consumer data online has revolutionised digital advertising. By allowing for customised targeting strategies, data collection enabled marketers to better reach the right consumers, at the right time, in the right places. With the expansion of privacy legislation globally, restrictions are creating opportunities to shift toward more innovative strategies. But how do […]

Enabling brand suitable targeting for in-stream video with Facebook content whitelists

The Facebook content whitelists solution allows marketers to run video ads alongside vetted in-stream video content in a brand suitable environment.

Follow the Money: Gain radical transparency with Total Visibility from IAS and Amino Payments

With Total Visibility from IAS + Amino, advertisers gain radical transparency with tools to quantify the value of their media & optimize their campaigns.

Media Quality Report – On Demand Webinar

By measuring more than 1 trillion media metrics each day globally, IAS has the scale to observe media quality developments in real-time. Our Media Quality Report leverages this database to offer an industry barometer against which ad buyers and sellers may benchmark the quality of their campaigns and inventory. The metrics span across desktop, mobile web and mobile app environments.

IAS and Digiday on The State of CTV

In “The State of CTV,” IAS surveyed the Digiday audience to capture the state of the promise—and the pitfalls—of the CTV space. The survey not only gauges levels of understanding toward CTV but also explores what is driving advertisers’ CTV campaigns.

IAS selected for the YouTube Measurement Program

YouTube generates 500 hours of new content every minute, so you need guaranteed protection for your campaigns. IAS is excited to announce our selection for the YouTube Measurement Program (YTMP), further strengthening our growing partnership with Google.

Australia Ranks First for Brand Safety in Mobile: IAS Media Quality Report

Australia has come in first for brand safety in mobile because of a sophisticated local ecosystem of advertisers, publishers, and industry bodies championing initiatives such as ads.txt. That means advertisers have prioritized clean impressions and publishers to deliver relevant engaging content and online experiences to garner longer ad exposure times, a great proxy for attention and engagement, […]

Video Unified Everywhere

Today, the wait is over: two new video solutions are now ready to add to your current IAS stack. IAS is excited to announce the General Availability of both the Connected Television (CTV) Verification Solution and the Unified Video Tag!

Introducing Total Visibility with Amino Payments

In an effort to close the programmatic transparency gap and assure efficient quality media transactions, IAS has formed an exclusive, industry-first partnership with Amino Payments.

Streaming Wars Wave 2: Staying at home with CTV

Last month, IAS released “Streaming Wars” to explore connected TV (CTV) usage and preferences around subscription streaming services. In response to coronavirus, IAS has expanded on the initial study to ask consumers how their stay-at-home behaviors are influencing CTV usage.

On-demand webinar: 2020 APAC Industry Pulse

IAS surveyed industry experts across Asia-Pacific about the trends, challenges, and technologies that will propel digital advertising in 2020. Our goal was to discover how industry professionals perceived transparency and innovation in 2019, and the resulting impact it will have on their marketing budgets in 2020.

Australia Ranks First for Brand Safety in Mobile: IAS Media Quality Report

In 2019, Integral Ad Science measured more than 1 trillion global media metrics—that gives us a lot of insight into media quality in real time. As both premium and user-generated content continue to grow at unprecedented rates, the digital advertising industry needs the assurance that campaigns are viewed by real humans, in environments suitable to a brand’s image and message.

Ad fraud: the essentials

We all know ad fraud is a problem, but it’s not always clear what exactly fraud is, how it works, and how we can eliminate it from the digital ecosystem. We’re here to make this complex topic easy to understand and address.

Combating the global spread of COVID-19

IAS is proud to partner with the Ad Council to publish public service announcements in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On-Demand Webinars

Looking for some on-demand entertainment to keep your work (from home) day moving? All of our past webinars are on-demand and ready to watch.