How Digitalisation Has Levelled the Playing Field for Gender Equity

  Manasa Denning, Senior Director of Solutions Engineering, North America & APAC, Integral Ad Science, shares how a shift in attitudes towards the traditional 9-6 setup, brought about by the acceleration of digital transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic is helping level the playing field for women at work. Gender equity means equivalent and fair treatment for […]

IAS Programmatic Summit 2021 Executive Breakfast Round Up

Ashton Media’s 2021 Programmatic Summit certainly packed a punch and Integral Ad Science were delighted to play a vital part at the event by hosting an early morning Programmatic Summit Executive Breakfast on ‘‘Media Efficiency in the Age of Privacy’  held just before the main event kicked off. Media efficiency in the age of privacy […]

On Demand: While the Cookie Crumbles, Will Contextual Targeting Rise?

For years, we’ve been using cookies to track our website visitors and collect data that helps us target ads to the right audiences. We also use them to learn about what our visitors are checking out online when they aren’t on our websites. But the way we use cookies will change dramatically with Google’s announcement […]

Your 2021 Guide to the OM SDK

As part of the IAB Working Group for The Open Measurement Software Development Kit (OM SDK), we are excited to support the expansion of standardised measurement to Open Web Video, available now for integration! The OM for Open Web Video SDK takes standardisation a step further for all industry players and helps fill the gaps […]

IAS Launches Globally Accredited Training for Digital Ad Verification

  Ad verification specialist Integral Ad Science (IAS) has launched IAS Academy, which it claims is the industry’s first globally accredited training program for digital ad verification. The program provides training to digital media and advertising professionals from IAS experts and is designed to empower digital advertising professionals to become experts in digital ad verification […]

IAS Achieves Recertification From The Trustworthy Accountability Group

Integral Ad Science (IAS), a global leader in digital ad verification, today announced that the company has achieved global recertification from the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) for 2021. IAS successfully earned all three of TAG’s certification seals that apply to its ad verification technology. “A longstanding member of TAG, IAS is committed to providing our […]

Xandr and IAS Partner to Offer Advertisers Stronger Contextual Capabilities

Singapore, March 11, 2021 — Integral Ad Science (IAS), a global leader in digital ad verification, today announced that Xandr’s buying platform, Xandr Invest, now offers IAS’s contextual targeting and contextual avoidance capabilities across all programmatic buying. Available globally, advertisers using the Invest DSP can access IAS’s curated list of 300+ contextual segments to target […]

The Power of Context, AU Consumer Research Report

Context Matters The digital advertising landscape is shifting, and one thing has been made clear: context is critical. Imagine reading an article about a luxury hotel, then noticing an ad for used cars. Or making your weekly grocery purchase and seeing an advertisement for computers. You might think those ads aren’t right for you, since […]

Context Control: Unmatched Brand Suitability Solution

With worldwide content creation and consumption accelerating at an unprecedented rate, brand strategy needs to stay ahead of emerging trends and breaking news. Now more than ever, the nuances of context, language semantics, sentiment, and emotional impact of the content need to take center stage when deciding where to spend media dollars. With IAS’s Context […]

Optimize your Programmatic Campaign

Don’t just know how your campaigns are performing — take action to make them better. Programmatic buying and selling offers enhanced performance with a streamlined workflow. And with IAS’s full suite of pre-bid and predictive solutions, you’ll be able to effectively optimize your campaigns for success. Our programmatic solution offers coverage for: Desktop and Mobile […]

Think you’re streaming on a CTV? Think again.

Consumers on couches are spending more time than ever binge-watching streaming content on connected TV devices, but have you ever tried explaining that to them? Chances are, many consumers are unaware of the differences between streaming devices, let alone the technology behind them. Fancy yourself an expert? Check out the roadmap below to see whether […]

Study: Contextual Relevance is Critical to Consumers in APAC

Integral Ad Science today released a new research study, The Power of Context in APAC, which surveyed over 2,000 consumers in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, and Japan and explored how context influences consumers’ perception of ads and brands. “The Power of Context research shows that the quality of an advertising environment can influence how consumers perceive […]

The Basics of Brand Safety

The Internet is home to many different types of content — educational, inspiring, entertaining to name a few. But not every web page should deliver your message. With the rise of fake news and brand safety issues making headlines, it’s more important than ever to ensure your advertising appears alongside content that is right for […]

Your Guide to Viewability

For digital ads to make an impact, they have to be seen. Not just served. However, nearly half of all digital ads are not viewable. Make sure your ads have the opportunity to be seen by real people — wherever they are. That includes across screens and devices, using both display and video ads. And […]

Masters of Media Interview- Zac Selby- Dentsu

In this exclusive “Masters of Media” series, Integral Ad Science (IAS) speaks to the Movers and Shakers of the Australia and New Zealand advertising industry, on all matters digital. Zac Selby is the Programmatic Solutions Director at Dentsu. With experience ranging from Partnership/Affiliate Marketing to Programmatic, Zac is a digital expert with a deep understanding […]

Creating Efficiencies in the Age of Consumer Privacy

  In this opinion piece, Jess Miles, Country Manager ANZ of Integral Ad Science, reflects on the questions surrounding consumer data. The ability to collect consumer data online has revolutionised digital advertising by enabling customised targeting strategies and data collection. This reliance on data has been the cornerstone of many audience targeted strategies enabling marketers […]

New Targeting Opportunities with IAS Context Control

IAS offers industry-leading technology to understand the true context, sentiment, and semantics of a given webpage – at scale. This delivers programmatic buyers unprecedented precision for targeting content that is contextually relevant for seasonal campaigns to engage buyers and increase favorability for your brand. Capitalise on Seasonal Audiences    Autumn holidays and events will look different […]

Live Event: Programmatic Summit 2021

  Spend on Digital Out-of-home (DOOH) media has grown significantly in the past number of years and is expected to continue growing in the next few years. Curious to learn more about the current landscape, latest innovations, and challenges with running DOOH campaigns? Join Jessica Miles, IAS Country Manager ANZ at this year’s Programmatic Summit […]

Quick Bytes Video: Brand Suitability to reach the right consumers

In the next video of the Quick Bytes series, we help you stay up to date by bringing you a quick guide to one of the latest developments in digital advertising: Brand Suitability. Brand Suitability is much more than avoiding ad placements alongside obviously inappropriate online content. It’s about identifying the places online that work […]

Quick Bytes Video: Artificial Intelligence use in advertising

At IAS, we are always looking at ways to not only enhance technologies for our customers, but also widen the understanding of the latest developments in digital advertising. To help you stay up to date on the latest innovation, we bring you Quick Bytes, a series of short videos that give you a quick guide […]