​Predictions: Digital marketing predictions for 2020

CMO asks the experts about what digital marketing will hold in 2020 Contextual advertising experiences a renaissance GumGum SVP of global commercial development, Adam Schenkel, said contextual advertising, the centuries old way of reaching relevant audiences by placing an ad next to brand or product related content, is set for a renaissance next year, boosted […]

Evolving brand safety to brand suitability: How do you find suitable spaces?

Guinness beer is renowned for its clever and resonant advertising. But is a focus on creative alone enough? Let’s take a moment to unpack the role of environmental context.

Bringing greater brand safety controls to Facebook video

IAS teamed up with Facebook to release a first-of-its-kind brand safety and suitability solution for Facebook in-stream videos.

The 20 Most Blocked Keywords in October 2019

Check out the top 20 most blocked keywords for the month of October 2019.

Make a list, check it twice: a holiday buying guide

The holiday buying season is already upon us, and brands need to ensure that their campaigns will hit the mark. During this busy time of year, consumers are spending more time on their devices, meaning that digital campaign performance is especially critical.

The Ripple Effect

IAS found that 81% of consumers said they find it annoying when a brand appears in a low-quality environment. Driven to learn what else they revealed?

A global beverage leader perfects brand suitability with IAS

This case study focuses on a global alcoholic beverage leader with over 200 brands sold in 180 countries in every category to meet consumer demand around the world. Faced with the choice of pulling advertising spend from YouTube, a channel that drove the majority of its in-store sales, or accepting the potential backlash for brand […]

Shifting gears from Brand Safety to Brand Suitability

As a follow-up to the Halo Effect, we surveyed consumers across 6 markets to answer the question: When it comes to a brand itself, just how much does environment impact a consumer’s opinion?

Clicks vs. Bricks: Finding the sweet spot in your digital ad buys

Whether you sell online, in-store, or both, finding the balance between in-store aesthetics and digital advertising investments is crucial this time of year.

Creatives made for social drive better performance

A major logistics company partnered with IAS to discover the performance gap between made-for-social creatives and television-port video creatives.

The bots are evolving: Ad fraud in a privacy driven world

The IAS Threat Lab regularly conducts experiments to understand and decipher any new kind of bot behavior, including how bots have evolved in response to new privacy regulations.

Pushing CTV measurement forward in a fragmented ecosystem

IAS partnered with some of the largest video publishers in the industry to develop a CTV solution that validates video ads played to completion and free from invalid traffic (IVT) on a TV screen.

Social Cheat Sheet

Our Social Cheat Sheet has the key objectives you should be incorporating into your digital strategy, as well as a simple plan-of-action to scale your social ROI.

The State of Brand Suitability

By 2020, a majority of survey participants say brand suitability will be equally or more important to them than brand safety. Why? The answers aren’t the same for everyone. In order to widen the discussion to the greater advertising industry,  IAS partnered with Digiday to lead a study establishing where industry priorities currently lie.  The […]

How to power your Social Media Campaign for Success in APAC?

By Etienne Watrigant, Channel Sales, APAC, Integral Ad Science (IAS) According to eMarketer July 2019 reports, in APAC, 81% of internet users have a social media presence and it’s projected that by 2023, there’ll be 2 billion social media users in APAC! In accordance with these jaw-dropping stats, the potential consumer touchpoints for advertisers today […]

Does viewability drive conversions?

In partnership with GroupM, IAS identified three brand candidates to participate in an Online Conversion Lift study. This study shows that by leveraging additional insights from Online Conversion Lift data, you can further inform and optimize your media strategy.

Australia leads the world for mobile ad view time

Australians spend more time viewing mobile web display ads than consumers in any other major global market, according to a new report that also notes the risk to brands from advertising online in Australia is one of the lowest in the world. Integral Ad Science (IAS), a digital ad verification firm, published its global Media Quality […]

Australians look at mobile web advertising for longer

Australians tend to look at mobile web display ads for longer than their global counterparts, according to analysis by Integral Ad Science. The Media Quality Report for the first half of 2019 shows that the average time-in-view for mobile web display ads was highest in Australia at 18.47 seconds, with US in second place at 16.19 seconds. Australia […]

Advertising Week NY Recap Part 2

We’re highlighting some key takeaways from the second half of Advertising Week 2019 here in New York City.

Advertising Week NY Recap Part 1

 Here’s our 3-2-1 recap of Advertising Week New York! IAS will be bringing you our three favorite quotes, two things we learned, and the one thing we are looking forward to next. It’s officially fall in New York City, and Advertising Week has kicked off with the top-of-mind industry topics we’ve all been waiting […]