Advertising Week NY Recap Part 2

09/27 By IAS Team

Here’s our 3-2-1 recap of Advertising Week New York!

We’re highlighting some key takeaways from the second half of Advertising Week 2019 here in New York City.

Three Favorite quotes:
  • In the session, “How Facebook Watch is Creating Community and Driving Culture” Managing Director of entertainment media and technology at Facebook, Jennifer Howard, shared that “on average people in the US have 3 streaming services, and 83% of those people expect to pay for the same number of services or more in the next year.”
  • MorningConsult shared its “2020 Survival Guide for Brands” on how brands can navigate an era in which they’re expected to be more and more political. In 2018, when asked to name an ethical brand off the top of their head, participants ranked Nike 28th. In 2019, since partnering with Colin Kaepernick and making a more overt reach for liberal millennials, that ranking has risen to 4th
  • In the session, “Prioritizing your Video Buy: Quality vs Quantity,” Chief Content Officer of NowThis Tina Exharos, spoke on the subject of quality vs quantity. She said, “I believe you can have both. It’s about how you structure your team and how you connect with different people, on different platforms, for different reasons. You can be successful and have a multi-platform strategy. You can’t just serve one anymore.” 


Two things we learned:
  • In the session, “The AI Advantage: Live and in Person,” Jacob Grabczewski, head of product at Xasis, shared his thoughts on what differentiates technology companies that use AI. He said that differentiation is a function of:
    • Data: It’s easy to replicate software, but it’s impossible to replicate data
    • Talent: An algorithm is only as strong as the person who’s implementing it
  • In the Discover Talk, “Looking for the human tale of big data,” we learned the three main ways to add a human element to big data and why. Using small data, street data, and deep data, Associate Vice President of LEXIA Claudio Flores Thomas, walked us through how conversations with humans, qualitative comprehension of humans, and observations of human behavior are still useful. He said: “Data driven marketing without understanding, of human stories in particular, is blind.”


One thing we’re looking forward to:

Advertising Week New York has come to an end, but the fun isn’t over quite yet. We’re looking forward to our webinar, Holiday Buying Unwrapped. Join us live October 9th at 10 AM eastern.

And that’s a wrap. See you next year!


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