Advertising Week NY Recap Part 1

09/25 By IAS Team

Here’s our 3-2-1 recap of Advertising Week New York!

IAS will be bringing you our three favorite quotes, two things we learned, and the one thing we are looking forward to next.

It’s officially fall in New York City, and Advertising Week has kicked off with the top-of-mind industry topics we’ve all been waiting to hear more about. Yesterday, we heard from IAS Chief Marketing Officer, Tony Marlow, alongside panelists from Disney, Neuro-Insight, Pandora, and Publicis on the shift from Brand Safety to Brand Suitability. Neuro-Insight Chief Executive Officer, Pranav Yadav, discussed how nothing exists in isolation. Context and content is the marriage everybody has to work with because one does not exist without the other. Today, we’ll be breaking down some of our favorite takeaways from the first two days of Advertising Week New York.

THREE favorite quotes

1. During “Stepping Outside the Arena”, Serena Williams and Verizon Media Chief Executive Officer, Guru Gowrappan, sat down to discuss her many business ventures. When asked what she wants her lasting effect to be on the business world, Serena replied: “It goes back to our motto: My impact is to be less exclusive and more inclusive. I don’t think there’s any other way to put it.” You said it, Serena!

2. In “Open Parks v. Walled Gardens: Fighting to Restore Balance in Digital Advertising”, Cadreon’s Chief Executive Officer, Erica Schmidt, discussed what clients are asking for, specific to the “walled gardens”. “Clients want the proper utilization of their own data. They want to enrich their data with other resources, and they want to find the balance between leveraging that data and appearing where they want.”

3. Could emerging regulation kill AI’s early promise in advertising? In this session, GroupM Global Vice President of Emerging Technologies, Michael Palmer, shared his opinion on increasing regulation in the ad industry. He said “one of the problems if you are overly aggressive with regulation is you can quash lines of innovation before they are actually sounded out”

TWO things we learned

1. IAS Chief Executive Officer, Lisa Utzschneider, hosted a panel Monday with NBCUniversal, Verizon Media, and WarnerMedia to discuss how marketers can outsmart emerging ad fraud threats in Connected TV (CTV) environments. Utzschneider asked the panelists to think about what they would like to see accomplished within the CTV space when we return to Advertising Week a year from now. For WarnerMedia, it was user experience. NBCUniversal wants to see the industry take full advantage of the blank canvas CTV is offering and to get the advertising right in this new environment. Verizon is looking for a change in cross-channel measurement, and for broadcasters to be open to sharing some of that invaluable proprietary data so that marketers can work together to make better investments.

2. IAS is a company obsessed with data, so hearing from Nate Silver, Founder of FiveThirtyEight, was especially exciting for us. During the session “ABC News: The Road to 2020 and Beyond” Nate shared an anecdote about several polls where Americans were asked about their willingness to vote for candidates with specific traits like race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion. Overwhelmingly, Silver said that “No poll on the abstract gets higher negative feedback than a candidate over the age of 75”.

ONE thing we’re looking forward to next

1. The next session our team is looking forward to is with Pinterest, where they will be exploring how consumers move from inspiration and purchase intent to actual buying decisions.


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