IAS 2020 Product Review and 2021 Sneak Peek

A review of ad tech product developments in 2020 and sneak peek of what's to come in the next year

01/19 By IAS Team

As the ball dropped, people around the world were understandably eager to usher in a new year. Before setting our sights on the future, though, we’d like to take a look back at some of our favorite innovations in the last year. But don’t worry – we’re looking ahead, too. Continue reading for our 2020 favorites and the IAS 2021 product sneak peek.

2020 IAS Innovation Favorites

IAS acquires Amino Payments

Total Visibility brought programmatic cost + verification of media quality for advertisers to verify, quantify and optimize the value of their media. Given the great success of this partnership with Amino paired with our dedication to quality impressions and programmatic efficiency, we are excited to announce we have acquired Amino and welcome them into the IAS family. This acquisition will further deepen our programmatic expertise and commitment to programmatic transparency and efficiency. Learn more about Total Visibility here

IAS Context Control: Content Avoidance and Contextual Targeting Capabilities for Your Brand Suitability Needs

IAS offers multiple solutions to provide customizable control that scales across direct and programmatic buys. In addition to our standard brand safety solutions, our patented cognitive semantic technology uses natural language processing (NLP). With NLP, our technology can dynamically comprehend the nuances of context and sentiment for the most precise content classification at scale. Reach out to your IAS representative to learn how to activate today.

IAS partners with Google to build an industry-leading Automated Tag

The digital landscape is evolving, and IAS is dedicated to helping marketers shift their focus toward efficiency. With this goal in mind, IAS developed the Automated Tag solution to allow you to launch campaigns with Campaign Manager 360 in seconds. Learn more here and watch our webinar to learn how Automated Tag has streamlined campaigning for our partner, Awlogy. In 2021, IAS is working with additional ad server partners and will share details pending mutually agreed upon integration terms. 

IAS and Channel Factory partner for the ultimate YouTube solution: Channel Science

1+ billion hours of YouTube are watched daily, and 500+ hours of content are uploaded each minute to the platform. So how can advertisers efficiently connect with these engaged audiences and navigate the content? So how can advertisers efficiently connect with these engaged audiences? Together, IAS and Channel Factory have created Channel Science to deliver a powerful, one-stop solution for YouTube advertising. Channel Science combines four solutions into one: brand safety and suitability, contextual targeting, performance optimization, and reporting for YouTube advertisers. Watch the webinar here. 


While CTV growth in 2020 was meteoric, it left advertisers scrambling to get the metrics they need to measure performance in this new, highly fragmented landscape. As ad spend continues to shift toward CTV, brand risk and ad fraud is expected to increase. IAS is the first and only partner to work directly with the largest video publishers to validate that video ads are played to completion, free from invalid traffic, on CTV devices. Learn more about our solution for CTV here

2021 IAS Sneak Peek

Proactive protection, everywhere it counts

CTV Brand Safety 

The growth of CTV has always been forecasted to eclipse linear, but the pandemic has expedited that growth and adoption causing a discrepancy between what advertisers need and what technical capabilities are available. We know that Brand Safety is the next hurdle to jump and, unfortunately, app-level brand safety provides little in value to advertisers. It is clear that the future of Brand Safety on CTV is Contextual and IAS is committed to providing a solution for our clients. Stay tuned for updates and beta opportunities throughout the year! 

In-Feed Brand Safety and Suitability measurement for Twitter

We are thrilled to partner with Twitter to pioneer the industry’s first third-party brand safety measurement solution in a real-time, dynamic environment, for the first time ever. This expansion of our partnership will help advertisers better understand the types of content that appear next to their Twitter ads to help them make informed buying decisions. Read more here about our expanding partnership.

GARM Brand Safety Floor & Suitability Framework support

As a leader in brand safety and suitability, IAS has taken an active role in developing and implementing the GARM framework. We believe this ensures greater accountability and transparency in the industry and will continue to collaborate on ensuring successful implementation and adoption. Learn more here.

Programmatic Reporting 

As more dollars continue to shift into programmatic channels, actionable insights are more important than ever. We are excited to announce that we are heavily investing in expanding our programmatic reporting capabilities in 2021. We will surface critical DSP data points, including Line Item, Exchange, DSP, Deal & Publisher in our Report Builder and grant access to programmatic traders to utilize this new reporting. The long term goal is to provide a full suite of tools for traders to access programmatic reporting data in one place, including new report types, dashboards, and discoverability tools. Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to get involved in upcoming beta programs throughout the year.